The Complete Auto Mechanic Tools and Equipment List

Ever tried taking on a hands-on job, and right there in the middle of it, you find out that you do not have the complete tools?

Frustrating is an understatement for how you'll feel.

Hands-on and skill-based jobs can be fun and less tasking when you have the right tools. Having the right and complete auto mechanic tools will tell greatly on your performance. This of course, is a single vocabulary that houses your ability to deliver fast, your efficiency, and importantly your rating from previous customers.

The Truth About Auto-Mechanic Tools!

You'll agree with me that tools are the driving force of a successful auto mechanic because they enable you to perform any kind of magic on a vehicle.

This article provides a complete list of auto mechanic tools that will aid a smooth sail when working on secondary level projects. To help yourself maneuver any complex automotive repair task into something easy, these tools will come handy.

What Is in the Compiled List?

The list compiles tools that are unique to each when working either in a subsistent setting (on your vehicle) or in a commercial and more tasking environment. Let's take a stroll down as we check out these auto mechanic tools.


It is a lubricant with a high level of solid contents and carrier grease, which enables it to handle high load applications and temperatures. Anti-seize reduces friction and prevents parts from galling, even under a high-temperature environment. This auto mechanic tool is used to avoid corrosion between the thread and the fastener.

Anti-seize is a perfect fit for lug nuts and bolt. It is often used to provide a more consistent clamp load, improve electrical conductivity, and enhance gasket performance.

Furthermore, these lubricants are high in molybdenum disulfide, which is why it is recommended as the perfect anti-seize agent. The lubricating properties ease the standard interface during operation, which minimizes wear and tear.

It facilitates dismantling and helps to prevent damage to components during disassembling. Another advantage that the tool provides is that it reduces the chances of picking up and galling fasteners during assembly.

Also, it produces a more consistent clamping load in fasteners. On the downside, it is highly advisable to avoid applying anti-seize agents to exposed or damaged threads.

There are different types of anti-seize solutions for various issues. These solutions include grease, coatings, and pastes. Simply find the one that is suitable for the purpose you want it to serve.

Marvel Mystery Oil

It is an effective multi-purpose lubricant used generally for spark and diesel cars. A good oil controls the lifespan of a vehicle. Marvel Mystery Oil has been tested and is trusted by many consumers because of its versatile functions.

These functions include; the removal of the seized spark plug, effectively lubricating rubber parts such as diaphragm pumps and carburetor accelerator pump.

Furthermore, mystery oil helps to control the amount of sludge, which makes it perfect for all weather conditions and prevents oil from thickening in subzero temperatures.

This oil is mainly composed of highly effective chemicals such as petroleum distillates and tricresyl phosphate, which is an anti-wear agent that promotes its rust and corrosion removing abilities, putting a stop to ticking lifters.

Marvel oil functions as a removing agent for carbon-based contamination on metal surfaces, and also as a cleaning agent for the engine and fuel system, the oil lubricates fuel injectors.

Overall, its functions can be summarized into fuel additive, corrosion inhibitor, and penetration oil.

Auto Trim Removal Tools

This is a must-have auto mechanic tool that includes upholstery removal kit, interior pillar trim, vehicle trim removal, and dash radio removal installer.

Other tools include a radio panel removal tool, clip panel removal tool, window repair tool, amongst other diagnostic auto mechanic tools.

Auto trim removal tools are packed in an easily accessible manner yet in different sections due to their different functions. It is advisable to research its uses and method of using them to avoid accidents common in the workshop.

Seafoam Oil

Do you often wonder about the best oil to get for your car, without spending above your budget? Then Seafoam oil is the perfect option for you. The oil is pocket-friendly and durable.

It can be added to a vacuum and gas tank to clean fuel injectors and eliminate water in the gas tank (one ounce of a can per gallon of gas). Also, it helps dislodge and de-liquefy sludge so that it can be easily filtered out and removed.

An incredible feature of this tool is its multi-purpose ability, which makes it regularly sought by car owners; it is primarily a fuel and oil system cleaner.

A single can treats up to 60 liters of fuel and 15 liters of oil. It quiets noisy lifters; also has anti-gel properties, which serves as a de-icing agent. 

Seafoam helps lubricate moving parts in the fuel section. Its highly dignified properties allow it to vanish carbon deposits from valves and the hard car parts so they can be easily flushed out.

It is safer than, and has a multi-function, serving a cleaning task and also aid in fuel treatment. It can be applied in two ways; pouring into the gas tank to clean fuel injector, an oil cleanser.

Fork Oil

Imagine going on a bumpy ride (ouch, no good). Now imagine having to wait for some minutes for your automobile to recover from the shock the bump just gave to its parts (it’s worse than you can imagine).

Fork oil absorbs bumps on road surfaces for a smooth ride. The primary function of this auto mechanic equipment is to provide dampening. Its secondary role is to provide lubrication to internal moving parts to fight against wear and corrosion.

A fork is usually found in pairs, mostly found in the front wheels of motorcycles. There are several important factors to consider when purchasing a fork oil, and the first thing is its viscosity degree.

It is usually advisable to use a 40°C testing pattern before buying it. It is best to stick with a particular fork oil if it works for you. Also, when purchasing it, you should get the one with a high viscosity index (VI) because this provides better resistance to shocks.

Fork oil is a vital component of your suspension tune, and in more ways, than you would want to imagine, it affects your confidence when driving. It protects the shock tubes, seals, and valves from wear as they always grind against each other.

A fork oil that easily warms up is best because it is transported easily through the shock tubes and valves. And this forms a strong resistance to constant feelings of shock, thereby providing a smooth and happy ride.

Brake Line Flaring Tool

It is crucial to ensure that brakes are in perfect working conditions. The thrill of an excellent brake is better experienced in an empty road, especially when speed driving. However, it is also essential to know when to put a hold on it.

Now, the size of a flare is measured in degrees, and car manufacturers use different degrees that suit their products. This is of great importance to get the right size that fits your car.

The quality of the flare will determine how well it connects with the fitting. A brake line flaring tool will connect the brake line to the brake part you intend to attach to. This makes it possible for you to have a perfect fit.

Locking Gas Cap

A gas cap is also known as a fuel filler cap. It is a simple yet vital part of a car. Locking gas cap prevents dirt and debris from getting into the fuel tank. 

And, this process is needed for the combustion process. One of the most common reasons to lock a gas tap is the bad seal. This is common when the cap starts to wear due to constant use (which in this case is continuous opening and tightening), and this is not a good thing.

When your gas cap does not lock or tighten properly, then it might be time to change it. Most gas caps are technically designed to click once when they are well pulled; others are designed to click three times, indicating that it is well locked.

Oil Drain Valve

This is a new invention that has replaced an oil drain plug due to its quick, easy, and neat oil change techniques. Usually, an oil change is accompanied by greasy hands, stained clothes.

It has a connecting tool, which makes it easy to obtain samples of oil for various analyses. Over time, it has become a savior to those who continuously change oil by themselves.

Also, oil drain valve usability is universal as it relates to cars, motorcycles, and engines. Mainly because it is corrosion-resistant and the high risk of being burned is associated with hot oil.

Carburetor for a 383 Stroker

Being a crucial component of a vehicle, a carburetor balances fuel or gasoline for internal combustion engines, making it possible for the engine to run smoothly. The carburetor provides the right amount of fuel needed for the effective productivity of the engine.

The carburetor to be used depends on many factors, such as the type of engine and, most importantly, the use of the machine. Having the right carburetor for a 383 stroker in your possession is of utmost importance.

It affects the workability of any vehicle that has it as one of its many components. In this case, a 650-CFM carburetor is recommended as it allows the flow of 650 cubic feet of air for one minute at wide-open throttle.

This is regarded as the best because the higher the CFM, the more air a carburetor can flow. A 750 CFM carburetor will also be perfect for an engine that is being used for racing.

Brake Pads for Silverado 1500

The primary function of a brake pad is to reduce vehicle speed. It is no doubt a critical feature to look out for in an automobile. For the ultimate purpose of safety, it is vital to replace brake pads, although how often depends on the braking power used when driving.

This is true because driving causes constant wear on all parts of the vehicle, and refusal to do the needful could mean grave harm. There are different brands of brake pads for Silverado 1500 that one can ultimately choose from for a perfect fit.

However, it is essential to make adequate inquiries on these brands as it relates to price and distinct unique features to determine which brand caters to your needs. They include; Power Stop K6560-36 Z36 truck brake kit, Hawk LTS brake pads, and Power Stop Z23 Evolution brake kit, amongst others.


This article presents a list of essential tools you need for your vehicle, and getting them is the best you can do to keep your vehicle in top shape at all times.

We hope this was resourceful in your quest to know the complete auto mechanic tools and equipment list. Please, make sure you get to us if you have any question that is bugging your mind.

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