12 Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500 Reviews & Guide in 2021

Driving a Chevrolet Silverado 1500 means you like riding on rough tracks. The truck has been made to conquer such roads, and it does that job pretty well. But this comes with a heavy load of regular maintenance.

The very first thing that you need to look after is its brake system. Because of its rough and tough ride, after a while, you can see it struggles to halt on a dime when you stop. Changing the brake pad can solve this problem quite easily.

But the best brake pads for Silverado 1500 isn’t an easy find. With thousands of pads available in the market, it becomes more of a guess-choice for regular users. That’s why we came up with the top 12 choices that you can go for right now!

Detroit Axle - S-55097BK Front Drilled...
ACDelco Silver 14D785CH Ceramic Disc...
Wagner ZD1363 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set
ACDelco Gold 17D785CH Ceramic Disc Brake...
Power Stop K6268-36 Z36 Truck and Tow...
Detroit S-55097BK Ceramic Brake Pads & Rotors
ACDelco 14D785CH Advantage Ceramic Disc Brake Pad
Wagner QuickStop ZD1363
ACDelco 17D785CH Professional Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set
Power Stop K6268-36 Z36 Brake Kit
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Detroit Axle - S-55097BK Front Drilled...
Detroit S-55097BK Ceramic Brake Pads & Rotors
493 Reviews
ACDelco Silver 14D785CH Ceramic Disc...
ACDelco 14D785CH Advantage Ceramic Disc Brake Pad
890 Reviews
Wagner ZD1363 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set
Wagner QuickStop ZD1363
460 Reviews
ACDelco Gold 17D785CH Ceramic Disc Brake...
ACDelco 17D785CH Professional Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set
439 Reviews
Power Stop K6268-36 Z36 Truck and Tow...
Power Stop K6268-36 Z36 Brake Kit
553 Reviews

1. Detroit S-55097BK Ceramic Brake Pads & Rotors

Our first pick is the Detroit S-55097BK. This caught our eyes for its compliance in design to meet international standards. It obviously says a lot about its efficiency and effectiveness in practice.

The package comes with four solid brake pads and a couple of rotors. These rotors are also sturdy and of high-quality build up. After setting up together, the whole system becomes more efficient than ever.

Made from top-quality copper and ceramic fibers, the wads are pretty much capable of coping with adverse environments. It makes sure that the increased temperature is neutralized and doesn’t affect the system in any way.

Moreover, it can mitigate the level of dust generated while you ride the vehicle on dusty roads. Compared to average pads, this one can decrease dust production by up to 30%. That’s pretty impressive, we must say.

Its drilled and slot design is a big plus for the rotor to stay healthy as it effectively reduces the heat from the rotors. The lower the temperature, the better it performs.

One big problem with semi-metallic wads is that these make a lot of noise that is annoying. Compared to that, the Detroit Axle-S-55097BK produces less noise and sound.

The overall installation of this pad is pretty easy. Its direct mounting system to the original car makes it really easy to set it up in the braking system.


  • Designed to meet international standards
  • High-quality rotors for great braking support
  • Made from copper and ceramic fiber for a greater heat-absorbing capacity
  • Produces less dust compared to regular ones
  • Makes less noise compared to semi-metallic brake pads


  • At times it can attract dust just like regular ones

2. ACDelco 14D785CH Advantage Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

This particular one is designed to fit a number of specific vehicles. To be precise, vehicles as GMC, Hummer, Chevrolet, Cadillac, etc. are the prime fit for this pad. So, if you own a GMC 1500 other than a Silverado, this should be one of the best brakes for GMC sierra 1500 for you.

The best part is, this wad is made from top-quality ceramic that provides safety and reliability to your vehicle’s braking system. That sudden halt that you have been missing for days, you finally can have it back.

Its precise stoppage capacity will blow your mind away. No matter how rough the road is, the very moment you press the brake, your Chevrolet will come to a standstill.

What is surprising about this is it is quite easy to install. All you need is to take it out of the package and fit it in your vehicle. There is no need for any filing or grinding. Nor do you need any machining support for this. It’s just like ‘plug & play’!

Apart from the brilliant braking support, this pad also acts in stealth mode. That means you can’t hear a cracking or annoying noise from it. Its slots, chamfers, and shims work perfectly well to suppress the vibration, noise, and the braking harshness.


  • Very easy to install and plug-in
  • Made from high-quality ceramic materials
  • Equipped with precise braking capacity
  • No filing or grinding needed
  • Comes with a set up that makes less sound than usual


  • Only fits in specific types of vehicles

3. Wagner QuickStop ZD1363

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the damaged brake wad of your vehicle, Wagner ZD1363 can be a good bet. But don’t let the lower cost to distract you; it comes with some pretty impressive features with that price tag.

First of all, these are made from a ceramic material that means it’s serious sturdiness that we are talking about. If you are sick and tired of useless pads ruining your fun of riding, choose this one over your existing one, once and for all.

The reason why it performs so well is the intelligent engineering that works behind it. It is carefully crafted for a consistent and smooth braking performance for life. No need to be surprised, it actually can perform equally till the day you take it out from your braking system.

Plus, this one does a great job when it is inside your system. It shrinks the braking distance and reduces skidding of the wheels. So, if you are in need of a sudden halt, just hit the brake with all the forces you have got, nothing to worry about anymore!

The surprising part is, the package comes with premium stainless-steel hardware and OE-style lubricant. This means you don’t need to smash your head against the wall for not finding the exact lubricant or hardware match for the braking wads. It’s all there in the pack!

On top of that, its application-specific designs help it reduce noise to a greater extent. So, no more cranking sound, just enjoy smooth braking, all through the tour!


  • Comes with an affordable price range
  • Brakes are made of durable ceramic materials
  • Consistent and smooth braking all through its lifetime
  • Includes hardware and lubricant
  • Designed to reduce noise


  • These are made for front wheels only

4. ACDelco 17D785CH Professional Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Number four on our list, is the ACDelco 17D785CH. ACDelco has been producing vehicle mechanical parts for nearly a century. That tells a lot about their expertise and experience in this field.

So, from this expert house, comes the 17D785CH set that makes you stop your wheels, literally!

The pads that you get have already been tested to SAE 2784 to check if these work effectively. Luckily, it made its way smoothly as a useful add-on for your braking system. Just plug it in your vehicle and enjoy top-quality brakes on any street.

If you think that’s all, wait for the surprises. This one even went under tests for noise, vibration, and harshness, and guess what, it passed. Even it sneaked its way out of the quality and assurance test.

To ensure its top-quality, it is made from a blend of ceramic, semi-metallic, and organic formula. Together, these materials provide safety and top-class reliability for your vehicle’s stoppage system.

It comes with a noiseless and vibration-free braking system, thanks to its premium shims, slots, and chamfers. These make sure that no harsh sound is produced when you are halting at the top of your strength.

Moreover, this pad comes with a stamped backing plate that makes it easier for it to move within the caliper assembly. What it does is it reduces noise and the pulsation of the brake.


  • Tested SAE 2784 for effective braking
  • Produces less noise than regular ones
  • Totally vibration and harshness-free
  • Made from a blend of ceramic, semi-metallic, and organic formula
  • Equipped with a stamped backing wad for easier caliper assembly movement


  • No hardware comes with the pack

5. Power Stop K6268-36 Z36 Brake Kit

The next one is Power Stop K6268-36 Z36. Its superior and precise stopping capacity can make the big wheels stop at any moment. This one is one of the best brake pads for Chevy Silverado.

Carbon-fiber ceramic materials used in this one dramatically enhances the strength of it. This makes your vehicle a perfect choice to carry as much load as possible. 

Another great plus is that it attracts less dust so that the wheels can be almost dust-free. It went under a test in Los Angeles that showed that it gathers up about 30% less dust compared to regular ones.

The rotors that come in the package are completely drilled and slotted. This allows the pads to neutralize the heat produced while running and cool the wad down for better performance.

Its stainless steel hardware makes the cooling process easier and quicker. Plus, the high-quality lubricant also plays a key role in reducing the temperature. It makes it convenient for the pad to perform well under heavy-heat.

If you are worried that in monsoon, the rotors will get rusty, then think again. The rotors in this package are plated with zinc. This makes sure that it doesn’t attract rust at all.

Overall, this one has its wad, rotor, and all the hardware work together to develop a better braking system, even under heavy load.


  • Produced from carbon-fiber ceramic
  • Good braking even under heavy loads
  • Zinc plated rotors for extra protection against rust
  • Attracts a lower amount of dust
  • Stainless steel hardware to cool down the high-temperature


  • Comes with poor packaging

6. Power Stop Z23-1363 Z23 Brake Pads

Looking for an upgrade from your old worn-out brake pads? If that’s the case, own the Evolution Sport Z23 today.

Its premium quality carbon-fiber ceramic build-up makes it a tough competitor to most top-notch wads out there. This one is sturdy, it does last long, and it is less subject to wear and tear even after long, heavy use.

The low dust formula that has been used in crafting this one is a lifesaver for your wheels. If you are a constant rider on dusty and muddy roads, then your vehicle will be piling up dust pretty naturally.

But installing the Evolution Sport Z23 can make a huge difference in this case. Its low-dust formula pads make sure it gathers a lower amount of dust to keep your truck as clean as new.

This was tested by a third-party tester in the US to make sure if it actually plays well against dust. The test showed a positive outcome for it.

These are crafted by chamfered and slotted design to absorb the noise as much as possible. Its premium rubberized-shims make it actually noise-free. That’s why if you halt really hard, the cranking noise won’t be there for sure.

For those of you who are worried about the fading issue, worry no more. This one comes with positive mold technology to get a constant fade-free ride.

The package includes brake grease and stainless steel hardware. So, if you don’t have many supporting tools, don’t worry.


  • Made from top-quality carbon-fiber ceramic
  • Produced with low-dust formula
  • Premium rubberized shims for noise-free braking
  • Molded with positive mold technology for fade-free performance
  • Comes with free grease and stainless steel hardware


  • The brakes will work for the front wheels only

7. ACDelco 17D1367ACH Brake Pad Set

Well, we got another ACDelco product on our list! The 17D1367ACH is just as efficient in braking as the previous 17D785CH model.

First of all, the pads went under the SAE 2784 test to make sure it is worth it. The result shows that it is well-capable of providing smooth and perfect braking for your car wheels. All you need is to plug it in your braking system and ride tension-free.

Apart from this test, it went under several others, as well. For example, it was tested for vibration, harshness, and noise. Similarly, it passed all these tests, as well. Plus, it even got a ‘yes card’ from the quality assurance test, too.

This one is manufactured with a mix of semi-metallic, ceramic, and organic formulas. It ensured the top-quality braking system for you to enjoy. If you want reliability and trust for your wheels to stop at any moment, this is where you bat your eyes on.

Taking the full advantage of premium quality shims, chamfers, and slots, this one is noise-free. You can rest assured that no harsh noise will be made when you stop harder at emergency points.


  • Passed the SAE 2784 test for efficient braking
  • Compared to regular pads, it produces less noise
  • Vibration and harshness-free brake
  • Slotted and chamfered wads for noise-cancellation
  • A mix of organic, ceramic, and semi-metallic formula


  • Comes with no hardware to set it up

8. ACDelco 14D1367CH Brake Pad Set

The 14D1367CH is another brick on the wall of fame for ACDelco. When the typical brake pads for Silverdo disappoints you, this one stands out as one of the supremes. Here’s why.

ACDelco 14D1367CH performs well beyond your expectation. It is crafted by an intelligent formula of ceramic, organic, and semi-metallic materials. This mixed formula made it a top contender against other peer products in terms of strength and durability.

As the brake pad resides in the roughest of places in the vehicle, it is naturally subject to wear and tear. Plus, it works under severe heat produced by the internal parts while riding.

A superior build-quality like this allows it to withstand such pressure with the utmost professionalism. Even if you are riding your truck every single day on a long ride, you can rest assured that these are taken care of.

For most of us, braking noise is not something we enjoy. It gets irritating when you go for a hard stop. That cranking sound can make you go crazy at times. That’s why the 14D1367CH comes with carefully designed pads that are slotted and chamfered.

What this does is it reduces noise, vibration, and the harshness during the sudden halts so that you get a smooth and effective brake every single time.

On top of all, you don’t need any curing or any matching while setting this one in your braking system. Just take it out of the pack and place it in. It is up and ready to go!


  • Crafted by a solid formulation of ceramic and semi-metallic materials
  • Produces very low or no noise
  • Vibration-free brake, every single time
  • Chamfered and slotted design to mitigate noise
  • Prevents rust and dust


  • Comes with clips that are not well designed

9. Power Stop K2009 Front Brake Kit

The K2009 from Power Stop is all about a powerful halt. If you got a truck with heavy wheels beneath, a smooth and timely stop is all you want at extreme conditions. That’s what you get from this champ. If you are looking for the best brake pads for Chevy Silverado, this is your bet.

This package comes with powerful rotors that are cast by the top-class G3000 metallurgy. That is accompanied by OE tolerance. This makes these brakes perfect bolt-on upgrades. You don’t need to get any other upgrade or modification for this.

Its rounded slots are perfectly designed to wipe away debris or gas. This function allows the rotor to maintain a clear and constant patch on the surface. It makes the entire braking system to be smooth and perfect.

The pads are plated with Silver Zinc Dichromate for a shiny and great look on your wheels. Plus, it makes sure that the wads and rotors are free from rust and corrosion.

Moreover, the carbon-fiber ceramic formula makes sure that the pads stay completely dust-free. It helps your wheels stay clean all the time.

Also, you have drilled and slotted rotors inside to accelerate cooling performance. It doesn’t matter how much heat is produced during the riding session; it will absorb the heat and cool it down to a certain level.

Again, the premium rubberized shims in this tool make sure that no noise comes out while braking.


  • Cast by the top-class G3000 metallurgy
  • Rubberized shims for low noise production
  • Slotted and drilled rotors allow maximum cooling
  • Carbon fiber formula for a dust-free ride
  • Comes with a hardware kit and ceramic brake lubricant


  • The pads can get cracked under extreme heat

10. ACDelco 17D1367CH Brake Pad Set

If you consider the durability and the performance of the semi-metallic brakes, the ACDelco 17D1367CH has come a long way from those types. This one is carefully designed to meet all your needs when it comes to smooth braking. That’s the reason most users consider it to be one of the best brake pads for Chevy truck.

When it comes to the functionality of the product, they don’t seem to leave any room for mistakes.

Having said that, the wads are rigorously tested under controlled environments to see if these meet the SAE J2784 standards. Not so surprisingly, these did perform well under the test.

This one is crafted with ceramic and copper fiber. It provides superior control power over your vehicle’s stoppage capacity. Again, it makes sure that you don’t lose your wheel’s grip under high temperatures.

Molded by the dense ceramics that are mixed with top-quality copper materials, the pads can pass any durability test. This makes these parts quieter and smoother than its semi-metallic counterparts.

A fiber-glass treatment on the anti-noise sheet of the wad allows it to suppress the annoying noise successfully.


  • Comes with an anti-noise sheet
  • Includes special brake lube
  • Tested to meet SAE J2784 standards for optimum performance
  • Vibration-free and noise-free braking
  • Made from ceramic and copper fiber


  • The pads can produce noise if not installed properly

11. ACDelco 17D1707CH Brake Pad Set

Being a sub-brand of General Motors (GM), ACDelco has never ceased to impress us with the quality of their products. Just like the other models they have introduced, the 17D1707CH does pass the test of standards pretty well. It was tested to see if it meets all the criteria of the SAE J2784 standards.

Impressively, it has successfully passed all the tests for durability and efficiency. On top of that, it also proved to be producing noise at a very low level, as well.

If you are considering your budget, then this one will surely win your heart. The 17D1707CH comes at an affordable price. But don’t let the price tag deceive you; it boasts on its excellent performance that comes with a low cost.

ACDelco has used a superior ceramic formula to compose the pads and rotors. It makes sure that all the parts last longer, and at the same time, fights against dust and rust.

So overall, if you are looking for a brake wad that doesn’t need tons of money to be spent behind it, this is the one you need to look out for.


  • Crafted from ceramic formula for reliability
  • Noise-free braking experience
  • Easy pad movement for impressive stopping
  • Passed standard tests for efficiency
  • Packed with hardware kits for effortless installation


  • Tend to make noise when they get older

12. Bosch BC1707 Brake Pad Set

Last but not least, we have one from the Bosch family on our list of the best brake pads for Silverado 1500. For over 80 years, Bosch has been producing braking components for high-end trucks and vehicles. Carrying on the success, Bosch comes with the BC1707 set.

This QuiteCast disc is one of the most popular models from the Bosch family. There are plenty of reasons behind it.

It is crafted with advanced ceramic friction formula, which uses the same aluminum-based alloy that is used in aerospace engineering. The total chemical formulation forms a protective layer over the pad and the rotor to ensure the utmost protection for these two.

This one comes with an advanced production technique that can end up producing high-quality, durable shim. It eventually makes sure that the wheel creates as low noise as possible with increased strength.

Plus, it also protects the rotor from corrosion and rust. This means even if you are riding in humid weather for a long time, it won’t get rusty at all.

Are you worried that your garage doesn’t have all that is needed for a great set up? Well, don’t worry at all. The BC1707 comes with a top-quality hardware kit and grease to get your brake set-up done like a pro.


  • Crafted with copper-free aerospace alloy
  • Comes with an additional transfer layer for extended life
  • Rubber core shim for noise-free braking
  • Prevents corrosion and rust
  • Includes a hardware kit and a lubricant


  • This is only used in rear brakes

Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500 - Buying Guide

Well, before you make up your mind about spending bucks on a brake pad, here’re some vital facts that you need to consider. Follow these tips to end up buying the brake pads that go perfectly with your Silverado 1500.

Model of Your Vehicle

First, make sure you have the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 in your garage. This is because most of the brake pads that we have discussed here are primarily designed for this model of truck. If you are unsure of your model, just go through the manual that came with the vehicle. You will get it right.

Type of Ride

Then, try to figure out how you drive your vehicle for most of the time. That means a lot before selecting a model as there are many types of products for different driving styles. If you are a highway driver, you need to get one type of pads. On the other hand, if you are riding off-road, you need something more rugged.

Once you determine these facts, make sure to follow those specs accordingly.

The Best Fit

As you have the information on your vehicle model, now you can look for the wad that best fits your vehicle. The manufacturers mostly mention the models that the pad would suit best. Make sure you check that part before you get one.

Disc or Drum

Drum brakes are considered the age-old stopping style as it has been there for a long time. In this system, the pads put pressure on the wheels to make it stop. The drum is placed in the middle of the wheel.

On the other hand, disc brake is rather new in the field of braking system but slowly replacing the drums. Most of the vehicles today use the disc as it is more efficient and provides precise braking. Choose between these two before you get a wad.

Pad Materials

There are different types of materials for brake pads. These are usually of three types — organic, semi-metallic, and ceramic.


Although not available on a wider basis, these were invented as an alternative to previous models that had asbestos in them. It was more of a health concern.


These ones are formed by a combination of metal and different fillers. And these are, by far, the most common types found on vehicles.


Lastly, ceramic ones are the most recent development in brake wads. These are slowly overtaking the field of semi-metallic ones as these are more durable and less dust-attractive.

Apart from these, some other models are made with a blend of these three types. Consult your mechanic before deciding on which type of pad you need for your vehicle.

Dust Reduction

While you get a smooth stop using the brake wads, it can come with a catch. Most of these add-ons can attract dust that can form all over the wheels. This can cause issues at the wheels and also can affect the other parts nearby.

Dust can eventually cause the entire system to deteriorate. Plus, it can make the tires vibrate, as well. So, before you go for a pad, find out if it comes with a solid dust-reduction technique.

Installation Kit

Getting a brake wad is easy. But installing it in the perfect place with a precise setting is tough. That’s why you need to have the right kits and hardware equipment for a perfect set up. If you don’t have such equipment, there’s no use buying expensive products.

To ease it up for you, you can choose the pads that come with an installation kit. Some even come with lube and grease to make your task a lot easier.

Noise Reduction Technique

It’s annoying when you are braking your vehicle, and it makes a creaking sound. This is mostly because of a faulty brake wad that isn’t performing at its best. That’s why, when you are going to change it, try finding out the ones that come with noise-reduction technology.

There are plenty of pads that have rubberized shims that prevent the production of noise or even mitigates the noise to a certain level. It may give you a total noise-free braking experience.

Standard Tested

There are many options available on the market that have passed different standard-tests. This gives you a clear idea about the capacity and capability of the pads. For example, there are a few wads that have successfully passed the SAE J2784 standards that are clearly mentioned on the packaging.

If you want to be on the safe side, you can go for such pads as these are already certified to pass standard quality.

Front or Rear Pad

This is quite crucial. We have seen many users on different e-commerce sites expressing their frustration over this. See, not all the brake wads you find on the market suit all the four wheels on your car.

Some are dedicated to the rear wheels, while some are meant to be used on the front. That’s why before you buy one, look closely on the packaging if it is universally usable, or it is dedicated to one of the front or rear wheels. It will make it easier for you to decide and purchase.

Thickness of the Pad

The durability of the brake pad depends mostly on the thickness of it. Yes, it does have to do a lot with the materials used in it, but it’s the thickness that is defined by the materials used.

So, if you are not into changing these every two months, make sure you are getting one that comes with a great thickness measurement. Otherwise, along with noise, you will get to see wear and tear on it every now and then.

How to Change Brake Pads?

Follow these following steps when you are changing the brake pad.

Step1: Get the Required Tools

First, you need to gather up all the necessary equipment for the change. Get a car jack, a toolset, and a tire tool. It’s good if you can manage rags, brake cleaner, flaring tool and an air hose.

Step 2: Take the Tire Out

Here, you need to take the tire cover out to change the pads inside. Loosen the nut and bolts of the tire and lift up the car. Take the tire out slowly. Make sure you take the necessary precautions for the other tires not to roll over.

Step 3: Note the Removal Process Carefully

Now that the tire is removed, you need to clean the area up. Blow the area with air hose and clean it. Take notes of how you are removing the existing brake pad. You will need to follow the exact process in a reversed way when you will install the new one. 

Step 4: Remove the Brake Caliper Assembly

In this stage, you need to remove the caliper assembly. It is found in the rotor part of the system. This way, you can change it easily. Don’t remove the lines. Make sure you are not twisting or bending them. Just remove two bolts at the top, the brake caliper assembly will come off easily.

Step 5: Take Out the Pads

After you loosen the caliper assembly, clean it with cleaning fluid. You can clamp the brake piston toward the lower end to get enough working room. When done, remove the pads.

Step 6: Replace the Pads

Now, as the old brake pads are taken out, replace them with new ones. If any mechanical part came out of the older one, replace it with the new one from the hardware kit.

Step 7: Finish by Reassembling

After you have carefully replaced the old brake pad with the new one, now it’s time to reassemble the wheels. Follow the exact procedure that you used to remove the entire wheel, but this time in reverse.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do I need to replace my vehicle’s brake pads?

Well, this doesn’t have any specific answer. It depends on the vehicle you are using and the way you are driving it. In some cases, these can wear out after a short while due to some internal issues.

But in most cases, if you are riding about 35,000 to 60,000 miles with a brake pad, you may need to consider changing it.

2. For Silverado 1500, is the ceramic brake pad better than semi-metallic?

Although both of these types have their own advantages and disadvantages, for vehicles like Silverado 1500, it’s safer and better to go for a ceramic brake pad. It will provide a better halting experience than the semi-metallic one.

3. What are the most common brake pads I can buy?

If you are in need of replacing your vehicle’s brake pad, you have mainly three options. You can choose from the organic asbestos-free, ceramic, and semi-metallic ones. All three of these have their own pros and cons, so make sure you do a proper study before choosing one.

4. Do I need to grease the brake pads?

Yes. You need to grease it before every use as it makes sure that the piston and the pad’s backing do not crash each other.

5. Is it okay to reuse an old rotor?

That’s a challenging task for most of us. Rotors come with a confusing appearance that makes it difficult to tell a good one from the bad. That’s why if you are not trying to be economical, you should go for a new replacement instead of using older ones.

Final Words

Brake pads are quite crucial for your Silverado’s braking system. If you want a smooth and instant halt at any given moment, you have no other choice than installing the best brake pads for Silverado 1500. We hope our reviews and buying guide will help you find out the best-suited one for your Silverado.

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