Best Carburetor For 383 Stroker Reviews [Top 10 Picks]

Like you need oxygen to breathe and food to eat, your Chevy needs to mix up air and fuel as well to run perfectly. This is why it needs a carburetor. And this machine makes sure your car travels like a beast.

On top of that, if you have a 383 stroker, getting a perfect carburetor is a must. However, getting the best carburetor for 383 stroker is pretty tough when the marketplace is full of junks these days. Chances are, you’ll end up buying the wrong product.

Don't worry; this is where we play our roles. We'll make sure you can get your hands on the right carburetor.

Edelbrock 1406 Performer 600 CFM Square...
Edelbrock 1405 Performer 600 CFM Square...
Holley HOL 0-80457SA Aluminum 600 CFM...
Holley 0-80783C 4150 650Cfm Vac...
A-Team Performance 1902R Remanufactured...
Edelbrock 1406 Carburetor
Edelbrock 1405 Carburetor
Holley 0-80457sa Four-Barrel Street Carburetor
Holley 0-80783C Model 4150
A-Team Performance 1902R
535 Reviews
212 Reviews
83 Reviews
15 Reviews
31 Reviews
Edelbrock 1406 Performer 600 CFM Square...
Edelbrock 1406 Carburetor
535 Reviews
Edelbrock 1405 Performer 600 CFM Square...
Edelbrock 1405 Carburetor
212 Reviews
Holley HOL 0-80457SA Aluminum 600 CFM...
Holley 0-80457sa Four-Barrel Street Carburetor
83 Reviews
Holley 0-80783C 4150 650Cfm Vac...
Holley 0-80783C Model 4150
15 Reviews
A-Team Performance 1902R Remanufactured...
A-Team Performance 1902R
31 Reviews

Below are the 10 carburetors we’re covering today. We’ve done hours of research to come to a positive conclusion. Read the reviews and take the one that fits you and your car.

1. Edelbrock 1406 Carburetor

We’re starting the best carburetor for 383 stroker reviews with 1406 from Edelbrock. The name seems familiar to you? We’re not surprised. Edelbrock has been producing full-functioning carburetors for years now. To keep up with time, the giant comes with 1406, a carburetor unlike anything else.

As you take a look at it, you can’t help but notice the feed design that comes with a primary venturi booster. This booster makes sure you can have smoother acceleration while having the best driving experience.

It doesn’t matter whether you take your car for a spin in cooler weather. The electric chock the Edeldbrok 1406 comes with, allows you to keep going. Besides, since the whole carburetor is made of aluminum, you’ll get cooler operating temperatures. This also means you’re getting less warping than before.

The best part? The makers didn’t include any plastic part in it. Meaning, you’re less likely to experience any leak. Plus, it doesn’t have any power valve which will blow out.

And guess what? You’ll get both power full vacuum ports and timed ports that will help you to get advanced ignition. Cool, eh?

But here’s the catch, though. We don’t recommend you use this carburetor on RPM stock, or let’s say Torker 2 intake manifolds. You can use it with EPS performer, Edelbrock performer, or maybe some other brands that have got somewhat of a similar design.

As for installing this beast, it’s easy-peasy. We hope you won’t be needing an extra hand, but if you do need one, you’ll find the DVD instruction manual that comes with the whole set.


  • Feed design with primary venturi booster
  • Aluminum construction
  • Less chance of getting warps
  • No chance of getting leakage
  • Vacuum and timed ports help in the ignition system
  • Easy installation process
  • DVD instruction manual


  • Not for RPM stock or Torker 2 intake manifolds

2. Edelbrock 1405 Carburetor

On list number 2 of our best carburetor for 383 stroker reviews, we’ve got the Edelbrock 1405. Seem familiar? Yep, it’s somewhat similar to the one we’ve just reviewed a bit earlier with some few noticeable differences. But then again, we’ll break all the details down to you.

This one basically is a manual choke carburetor, but then again, you can use it on electric chokes as well. And if you have a Chevy, oh boy, only if you have got a Chevy, this one will perform like a beast that we can tell.

What makes it an amazing street performer? Well, you can take the metering rods, for example. You can use them for the transition between the circuits if you want. Plus, it takes just seconds to change the rods, and you can do it without even removing the carburetor or draining the fuel.

Most importantly, the 1405 can hold the tune once you activate it, and it stays tuned as long as you want it to be. Meaning, you’re getting more consistency without even changing the calibration, which the typical carburetors fail to offer you.

Say goodbye to those days when the engine of your car used to backfire. The power valves are the main culprit, and the Edelbrock team completely removed the valves in the first place.

Thanks to the all-aluminum construction our boy comes with, you won’t be experiencing any warp any time soon. But hey, don’t you think it’s a bit heavy, though. This one is so lightweight that you won’t be sweating anymore while carrying it.

Let’s not forget that the 1405 from Edelbrock is compatible with both blended and gasohol fuels. The tub-type bowls are pretty simple, and they float along with the rear-pivot. For which, you can tune your carburetor for miles without facing any issue.


  • Can be used for both manual and electric choke
  • Metering rods allow you to have a transition between the circuits
  • Holds the tune once you activate it
  • You’re getting more consistency
  • Shuts the door for the engine to backfire
  • All-aluminum construction enhances the durability
  • It’s pretty lightweight
  • Compatible with both blended and gasholder fuels
  • You can tune the carburetor as you cover miles after miles


  • You may face a hard time installing it

3. Holley 0-80457sa Four-Barrel Street Carburetor

Just like you have your favorite food, your car has got its favorite street carburetor as well. Yep, the Holley 080457SA is compatible with almost every car out there, especially a Chevy. Besides, this giant has been going big for over 100 years now. This time, it brings you the ultimate street warrior.

Take a closer look at it. You’ll notice the carburetor shows off a vibratory polished aluminum finish. Did you just read aluminum? Yep, that’s what constructs the whole body. But don’t you worry about the weight, though. Our street warrior has got 40% less weight than the mainstream ones you’ll find in the market.

Let’s focus on the barrel, eh? You can guess as to the name hints, this one has got four-barrel carb. Even though it’s more like an entry-level carburetor, it will still give enough boost to your precious car to run.

Unlike the typical ones, you don’t have to take care of the choke all by yourself. The 08457SA from Holley comes with an electric choke that gives your car an easy warm-up.

Besides, you’re getting a universal calibration with this beast right here that gives you easy bolt-on performance.

One of the best parts we like about this carburetor is the fact that it has got vacuum secondaries, which you can use in a wide range of vehicles. GM, Ford, Chrysler, you name it, the carburetor is compatible with all of these.

It doesn’t matter how much weight your car has or what type of gearing and transmission it has got. With the Holley 080457SA, you’re getting a smooth opening of secondaries.

As for the power valve, it has got a blow-out protection system on it. For which, there’s no way the engine will backfire whenever you’re driving.


  • Vibratory polished aluminum finish
  • Got 40% less weight than typical carburetors
  • Comes with as much as four barrels
  • An electric choke makes sure your car warms up easily
  • Universal calibration gives you bolt-on performance
  • Smooth opening of secondaries
  • Blow-out protection system keeps the power-valve safe


  • Could be more durable

4. Holley 0-80783C Model 4150

Since we’re talking about another model from Holley, you can get confused and say, ‘Which one is the best Holley carb for 383 strokers?’. Well, that’s something for you to decide.

The 4150 from Holley was basically introduced for the Ford Thunderbird. But now, it has become a well-known upgrade for the hot vehicles in the street. Why it has become a new American icon? Let’s find out.

This 4150 from Holley boasts dual-feed fuel-inlets with which you can meet your expectations when it comes to fuel efficiency. Which means you’re getting maximum fuel delivery no matter what.

If you need additional fuel, you can use the dual accelerator pumps this son of a gun comes with. Plus, the mechanical secondaries allow you to experience mind-blowing performance.

Speaking of mechanical secondaries, these are the only reasons it’s best for you if you use this carburetor on a lighter-weight vehicle. But then again, if your car has got a manual transmission, you can get a higher rpm with our boy over here.

Say goodbye to manual chokes once and for all since this one comes with electric chokes. This means you don’t have to use the chokes all by yourself. Besides, the vacuum secondaries, on the other hand, makes the carburetor quite universal.

Let’s not forget the Gold Dichromate coating that enhances the durability of your carburetor while you get to use it for years to come. To give it a top-notch look, the makers have used a shiny finish polished with a tumble.

As for the CFM, it was originally rated 400, but then the makers decided to make an upgrade. Now, you’re getting as much as 780 CFM, which should be enough for vehicles like Z16 Chevelle with 425 horsepower.

Now, this one has got power valves with it. But you’re less likely to experience any backfire in your engine.


  • Dual-feed fuel inlets give you ultimate fuel efficiency
  • The dual-acceleration pumps allow you to accelerate shortly
  • Comes with an electric choke
  • Vacuum secondaries make the carburetor universal
  • Gold Dichromate coating enhances the durability
  • Comes with 780 CFM to keep up with 425 horsepower
  • Prevents your engine from backfiring


  • You need to spend a bit more time with the adjustment settings

5. A-Team Performance 1902R

A-Team; getting the déjà vu from childhood? It reminds you of the famous series. This carburetor is such a badass, and it deserves to bear the name. And we're going to talk about all its features.

If you want an amazing throttle response, the typical ones can disappoint you a lot. Plus, most of them do not offer you a universal performance. Well, this beast right here turns the table for you. It comes with the ultimate universal performance that gives you the throttle response you deserve.

As for the functionality, get ready to get amazed by the calibration direct replacement style performance that will outperform all those ‘over the counter’ O.E.

When it comes to durability, the mainstream ones can disappoint you. Time to say goodbye to those days once and for all and get your hands on the 1902R from A-Team Performance.

This carburetor comes with Q-Jet Casting that enhances its durability and takes it to the peak. As a result, you can use it for years to come without much of a problem.

Besides, you’ll get maximum fuel efficiency as you keep driving your vehicle to hit the roads. Plus, you’ll get a different fuel curve with each carb that gives you particular application.  And let’s not forget you’ll have both primary metering rods and the secondary metering rods as well.

As for the compatibility, it’s compatible with EGR, Chevy and many other vehicles out there. Overall, it has got almost everything to be the best carb for a 383 stroker.


  • Amazing throttle response
  • Ultimate universal performance
  • Outperform all the ‘over the counter’ O.E
  • Q-jet casting enhances the durability
  • You’ll have both primary and secondary metering rods
  • It’s compatible with EGR, Chevy and a lot of vehicles


  • With time you may face some vacuum problem

6. Quick Fuel Street Carburetor

Coming up next to the street, a carburetor from Quick Fuel Technologies. This brand is one of the very few ones that have made it to the top when it comes to producing full-functioning carburetors. Like always, this time, it brings you something that will leave you awe-struck. Want to know why this one stands out? Let's see.

It’s basically a 750 CFM pumper, and you won't be getting a vacuum secondary. Rather, it's a manual. However, if you look more into the bright side, you'll find all those vacuum hookups you need.

While the typical carburetors come with a low-end aesthetic, this one changes the game set for you. Thanks to the stunning color scheme, you’re getting an appealing aesthetic, just like you want it to be. Certainly, the design makes it one of the best carburetors if not the best carburetor for the 383 strokers.

Besides, the all-aluminum construction makes it pretty durable and sturdy as well. Meaning, you’ll be able to use it for years to come. You’re getting a standard electric choke along with ideal feed restrictions, which obviously is changeable, making it easy for you to set the adjustments right.

If you want to go for further tuning, you might want to use the high-speed air bleeds. And thanks to the throttle bodies and metering blocks being made with billet aluminum, you get the precise fitment along followed by the heightened strength.

Take your car for a spin while the Quick Fuel street carburetor is in the rig of your car. You’ll get maximum fuel delivery and mind-blowing performance. As for the installation, it’s super-easy. At least, it will take less amount of time for you to set it up, and that we can argue on.


  • The carburetor is basically a 750 CFM pumper
  • Stunning color scheme
  • Its whole body is made of aluminum, making it durable
  • High-speed air bleeds give you higher tuning
  • Offers you standard electric choke
  • Full aluminum throttle bodies and metering blocks
  • Allows you to get maximum fuel delivery
  • Easy installation process


  • Could be a bit affordable

7. Holley 0-76750RD Double Pumper Carburetor

So we've reviewed a few models from Holley, and you might've fallen in love with this brand. Well, if you want the best Holley carb for 383 stroker, you might want to take a look at the 0-76750RD from the giant. Buy our words or not, this carburetor will definitely turn your car into a hot wheeled beast.

When it comes to durability, this machine stands out as one of a kind. The all-aluminum construction talks more sturdiness than the typical junks you’ll find. From powering up muscle cars to hundreds and thousands of vehicles out there, this heavy-duty carburetor will meet up to your expectations no matter what.

The shiny billet aluminum metering blocks add shimmering beauty to the carburetor. Besides, you’re also getting an all-aluminum base plate as well. Aluminum….aluminum…yep, that’s what the whole body is made of, making our champ weigh 43% less than typical zinc carburetors.

And as the name hints, it comes with dual accelerator pumps. For which, whenever you take your car for a spin, you get the ultimate fuel delivery even under initial acceleration. The mechanical secondaries, on the other hand, boost the performance even better so that you can take your driving experience to a whole new height.

Besides, from now on, you don't have to get mad at your car for not starting up even after you've twisted the ignition key for a couple of times. The electric choke with factory preset has got your back for easy startups. While you're hitting the road, the 4 corner idle will let you have all the control you need over the idle system.


  • Full aluminum body enhances its durability
  • The metering block is pretty shiny
  • Has got 43% less weight than the mainstreams
  • Equipped with dual acceleration pump
  • Mechanical secondaries boost the performance
  • Electric choke gives you an easy startup
  • Comes with 4 corner idle


  • You may face some noise after using it for a long time

8. Quick Fuel Black Brawler Carburetor

Still, looking for the best carb for 383 stroker? Get your hands on the Black Brawler from Quick Fuel Technologies and see what it feels like to drive your vehicle for a smooth ride.

First off, unlike anything else, this one comes with 850 CFM and that too at an affordable cost. It’s not your regular carburetor that you use for casual driving, not at all. Rather, it’s more like a race carb that comes with aesthetic appeal.

Like seriously, take a look at it. Don’t you just love the black color that comes with purple borders? Surely you do. The black anodized metering blocks are shaped with the latest technology. Since you’re getting both air and fuel calibrations, you can dominate the street and even challenge your fellow driver for a race.

The base plates, on the other hand, also show off the black anodized billet. For which, you're getting ultimate durability along with throttle shaft stability. You'll spill the wow out of your mouth as soon as you see the all-aluminum body.

Together, this big boy right here is a complete package of durability and strength that will keep up with you and your vehicle in the long run.

As for the performance, you’ll get both mechanical and vacuum secondary versions to choose from. If you want your engine to respond automatically, you can go for the vacuum secondary version.

However, if you’re someone who’s power-hungry and you need to go for some race, you can go for a mechanical secondary version for max throttle and more control.

Besides, you’ll get the tunability and options that you’ll find in most of the expensive carburetors available in the market. In a nutshell, this has got everything to be the best carburetor for Chevy 383 stroker.


  • Comes at an affordable cost
  • Shows off a dominating aesthetic
  • Offers you as much as 850 CFM
  • Latest black anodized metering blocks
  • You’ll get both air and fuel calibrations
  • The whole body is made of aluminum
  • Equipped with mechanical and vacuum secondaries
  • Boasts maximum throttle response and tunability


  • Needs to be more sturdy

9. Alavente 2 Barrel Carburetor Carb

We’ve got the 2 Barrel Carburetor from Alavente that has got a handful of features just so that you can have a quality time with your favorite car. Durability, functionality, and affordability, you’re getting all of these packed up altogether.

It doesn’t matter if your Chevy is from 1970, 1975, or 1980 this carburetor will blend in with almost all the models available.

Now, you might’ve noticed that the carburetor we’ve reviewed above is made of aluminum, which makes it pretty lightweight. Well, this one is made of premium quality Zinc Alloy, for which, it’s a bit heavy compared to others.

But then again, if you look more into the bright side, you’ll know that this carburetor is durable and sturdy, unlike the mainstreams. As a result, you can expect it to keep up with you for years after years.

When it comes to performance, it will turn your slowpoke vehicle into a beast. Install it, and you’ll love how it allows you to maintain near stock-fuel mileage. You can add more horsepower from now on. Get to experience what it feels like to drive your car with maximum fuel delivery.

Installing; speaking of which, you don’t have to waste a lot of time to install the 2 Barrel Carburetor. All you need to do is replace the old or broken carburetor directly with your new one from Alavente and Voila!

However, make sure you clean the oil channels and the air filters of your carburetor now and then. Otherwise, you can end up blocking them. Also, don’t forget to clean the fuel before you set it up.

As for extras, you’re getting a mounting gasket along with a seal with the whole set. So, you don’t need to buy them separately.


  • Blends in with a wide range of Chevy models
  • Made of premium quality zinc
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • You get to maintain near stock-fuel mileage
  • Offers you more horsepower
  • Maximum fuel delivery
  • Can install it within minutes
  • Has got 2 barrels in it
  • The set offers you a mounting gasket


  • It’s pretty heavy

10. Auto Parts Prodigy 2GC 2 Barrel Carburetor

We’ll wrap up the best carburetor for 383 stroker reviews with the 2GC 2 Barrel Carburetor from auto parts. If this one does not suit you, we don’t think anything will.

Durability is what you want, and you'll get that with this one right here. Unlike the mainstream junks, our champ is constructed with heavy-duty metal. It doesn't matter how tough of a beating it goes through, it will survive all the challenges just like that.

But hey, don’t start to get the goosebumps already. Even though it’s durable and sturdy, it’s pretty lightweight as well. So, you won’t have a hard time carrying it anywhere.

Tired of carburetors that have got a small base? Get rid of them and get your hands on the 2GC 2 Barrel Carburetor from Auto Parts Prodigy. This one has got a large base bolt pattern with a satisfying dimension.

As you take your ride for a spin, you’ll love the smooth throttle response, thanks to the high-speed circuits the carburetor shows off. The calibration is what we call ‘perfecto!’

And guess what? When you hit the road, and your car becomes hungry for fuel, just let it have all it needs. Our carburetor gives you maximum fuel delivery without any problem.

The carburetor from Auto Parts Prodigy fits with almost all the Chevrolet engine models. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using something from 1970, 1975, or from the 80s.


  • Made of heavy-duty metal
  • Pretty durable and sturdy
  • The carburetor is lightweight
  • It has got a pretty large base bolt pattern
  • Gives you smooth throttle response
  • Maximum fuel delivery
  • Fits a wide range of vehicles


  • Doesn’t have any primary idle screw

Things To Consider For Best Carburetor for 383 Stroker - Buying Guide 

Buying a carburetor is not a child’s play. Before you make a purchase, you need to make sure if it has got what it takes to be on your priority list. Meaning, you need to see if it has got all the features in it that you have been longing for. For that, you need to know what features you need to consider before buying a carburetor.

No worries, we’re covering all the information for you. Here’s what you need to look for.

Select the Right Carburetor

Selecting the perfect carburetor is crucial. You need to see if the size fits your engine displacement or not. If the carburetor you’re buying is too big for your car, it won’t fit inside it. On the other hand, if the carburetor is too small, it won’t fit in your car either.

Speaking of small carburetors, it’s always better to avoid them. The reason? Well, small carburetors tend to limit the horsepower. So, if your car is a power-hungry beast, it’s better not to go for small ones. Then again, you need to see if the big ones match with your car or not.


CFM, also known as cubic feet per minute, is another important feature you need to take in your account. The more the CFM, the more airflow you’ll get in your engine. If your carburetor comes with less CFM rating, you won’t get much of airflow; as a result, you might end up getting not much of a good performance.

And if you want to calculate the CFM, you’ll need to find the Volumetric Efficiency (VE) of your engine first. Then, you’ll be able to get an estimation of the CFM rating your car needs.

Now, if your carburetor has got about 600 to 650 CFM rating, you can go for it. However, if you’re into racing, you need to go for more CFM rating. But 600 is pretty good for daily driving.

See If It Delivers Fuel to the Max

Typical carburetors have one problem in common. They don’t deliver a good amount of fuel when you actually need it. Now that’s a bummer, isn’t it? So, whenever you’re going for a carburetor, make sure it delivers the amount of fuel you need and that too, in a very short period.

Acceleration Pump

This one is connected with the fuel delivery we talked about. You’ll find carburetors that do not deliver the right amount of fuel, as we stated above. However, even if it does, if you don’t have a good quality acceleration pump, your car won’t accelerate within a short time.

This is why it’s best for you if you can get your hands on a carburetor that has got a dual acceleration pump. With this, your car will reach its max speed in no time.


The material your carburetor is made of talks about its durability as well. This is why make sure you get the one that’s made of something heavy-duty.

You'll find carburetor made of aluminum and zinc in the market. While both of them are durable, aluminum ones are pretty lightweight, and you'll find them pretty easy to carry. The ones that are made of zinc alloy are pretty heavy.

So, set your priorities right and choose the one that suits you best.

Secondary Versions

The type of secondaries determines how your engine will respond. For automatic engine response, you can go for a carburetor that has got a vacuum secondary version. This type is cool for your regular, daily driving experience.

However, if you love racing your fellow driver, you should go for a mechanical secondary version. Besides, it will offer you more throttle response and control.


Why do you need to make your life complicated when you can make it easy, right? You’ll find carburetors that will give you one hell of a hard time to get them installed. This will waste your time and energy.

This is why go for the one that can be installed within minutes. You’ll find some carburetors that can be installed directly by replacing the old or broken carburetor you already had.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is a 383 stroker a good engine?

Of course, it is. They’re pretty cost-efficient, and on top of that, your car will have the efficiency it deserves. Besides, 383 stroker engines are so durable that you can use them up to 9 years if you use them correctly.

Q. What size carburetor do I need for a 383 stroker?

The size actually depends on the engine type you’re having in your car and the way you’re using it. If you’re into regular street driving, you can go for 600 to 650 CFM carburetor.Now, the ones with 750 CFM are more powerful. However, you don’t have to use it unless you’re going to race someone.

Q. How do I know my carburetor is in bad condition?

The very first symptom you’ll see is when your carburetor will start to deteriorate. You’ll feel the performance of your car is going down until it fails to start. The most common and obvious ones are when you see the black smoke in the exhaust, and your engine will start to backfire.

Sometimes, your engine will overheat as well. This means your carburetor is in dying condition.

Q. Am I getting any warranty offers with these carburetors?

Of course. But, we don’t have enough information on the duration of the warranty. So, it’s better for you if you can talk to your seller about it.

Wrapping Up!

That was all about the best carburetor for 383 stroker. Hope you've liked these products we've brought in front of you, and you've already chosen the one you need. So why wait? Get your hands on the perfect carburetor and take your beast for a spin.

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