Best Oil Drain Valve Reviews – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Getting your hands sticky and dirty while changing the engine oil is a long-gone history. Unless you are familiar with lubricant drain valves, you probably are still loading your grease the old way. It still feels like yesterday when oil plugs did a good job changing the liquid.

However, the introduction to sewer faucet has changed the game. It’s now easier and quicker to flash grease using the best oil drain valve. The best part is, these taps don’t cost much, but gives you a non-sticky and spill-free lubricant-change experience.

If you are here looking for the most functional sewer taps, we got you covered. Find the top 10 faucets that we have reviewed just to make your life a bit easier!

Fumoto F106N FN-Series Drain Valve with...
Fumoto F-106N Engine Oil Drain Valve
F106SX: New Generation Fumoto Valve with...
Fumoto Original F106S with LC-10 Lever...
Fumoto F-108N Engine Oil Drain Valve
Fumoto F106N FN-Series Drain Valve with...
Fumoto F-106N Engine Oil Drain Valve
F106SX: New Generation Fumoto Valve with...
Fumoto Original F106S with LC-10 Lever...
Fumoto F-108N Engine Oil Drain Valve
321 Reviews
440 Reviews
Fumoto F106N FN-Series Drain Valve with...
Fumoto F106N FN-Series Drain Valve with...
Fumoto F-106N Engine Oil Drain Valve
Fumoto F-106N Engine Oil Drain Valve
F106SX: New Generation Fumoto Valve with...
F106SX: New Generation Fumoto Valve with...
Fumoto Original F106S with LC-10 Lever...
Fumoto Original F106S with LC-10 Lever...
321 Reviews
Fumoto F-108N Engine Oil Drain Valve
Fumoto F-108N Engine Oil Drain Valve
440 Reviews

It’s truly has been a tough task for us to sort out the valves that work great. Listing out 15 out of thousands of choices wasn’t actually an easy nut to crack. However, we did pile up the best options we found for you.

1. Fumoto F106N FN-Series Drain Valve with Long Nipple with Lever Clip

Our top pick is from one of the veteran manufacturers of flashing faucets in the industry – Fumoto. Their F106N FN is one of the most widely used taps that make changing lubricants easy as pie. If you are looking for the best value oil pan drain valve, look no further.

If you are sick and tired of messy and sticky oil changing sessions, it’s time you took yourself out of it. Bring in the F106N FN to experience a neat, clean, and mess-free grease refill like never before.

Its unique one-touch operation allows you to skip a number of repetitive tasks you needed to execute before. Plus, you don’t need any tools to operate this one. Your own hand is enough for the job.

Its stand-out feature is the long nipple it has on it. What this have to do with your convenience? Well, a long nipple means you can attach any hose to it pretty easily. It will allow more space on its top for the perfect fitting of any hose-size.

So, changing lubricant at any given place is an easy possibility for you. No matter what the size of the hose is, you are ready to load some oil, then and there.

The build quality of a valve plays a huge role in its durability. And truly speaking, that matters a lot. That’s why the F106N FN series is constructed from top-quality forged brass and stainless steel.

This means only one thing. You will be getting the support from this valve for a long time even after regular use. And you can rest assured that no strain or abrasion is going to affect it whatsoever.

You need to keep in mind that this tool is best suited for cars and vehicles that have a good amount of ground clearance. If your vehicle is a bit low in GC, you may need to find something that suits your car type. So, if you have an SUV and are interested in the best oil drain valve for jeep, you can consider it.

In order to install this tool, you may need a bit of help from an extension adapter.


  • Long nipple taps for easy hose adjustment
  • Works for mess-free and clean grease change
  • Allows for one-touch operation
  • Frozen plug and stripped threads are completely eliminated
  • Made from forged brass and stainless steel


  • Doesn't fit vehicles with low ground clearance

2. Fumoto F-106N Engine Oil Drain Valve

Fumoto F-106N can be termed as another version for the FN series of the same model. This one doesn’t play any less role in extracting and refiling grease than the FN series. If your focus is on the best car oil drain valve, then this is where you should put your eyes on.

The device is designed with a clear ambition in mind – to make mess-free lubricant-changing a reality. That’s why it functions with a great safety provision. It prevents your skin from coming into contact with hot oil.

This keeps your hands or your attire from getting sticky or dirty by the grease or oil spill.

Who has got time to spend minutes after the setting up of the tap? Let us answer – no one. That’s what Fumoto understands, as well. The F-106N saves your time by introducing the one-touch operation system.

Change lubricant and operate the valve by just a single touch of your finger. Say goodbye to complex and confusing operation.

The spiral part of the tap is just brilliantly designed to be a multipurpose one. First of all, it does stick to the place with the highest possible precision. Secondly, it gets rid of any stripped thread on it.

If you are skeptical about the oil you use on your vehicle and tend to check it once in a while, we have got news for you. This valve is ideal for drawing a small amount of lubricant for sampling or testing.

So, you don’t need to waste a lot of greases just to analyze a little portion of it. It saves cost pretty impressively!

Durability is something you can’t compromise at all if you’re dealing with such faucets. That’s why this tool is crafted with stainless steel and forged brass. You can stop worrying about rust and abrasion, as it is free from such issues.


  • Pretty useful for drawing a small amount of oil for testing purposes
  • Allows mess-free oil changing sessions
  • It is optimized with easy one-touch operation
  • Well-crafted to eliminate stripped thread
  • Rust and abrasion-resistant build-up


  • Works and fits only the vehicles with high ground clearance

3. F106SX: New Generation Fumoto Valve with 14mm-1.5 Thread Size

On number three on our list, is another Fumoto tap. What Fumoto likes to call its new model of drain faucets is the next generation tool. There are plenty of reasons to justify their claim as this product is absolutely a breakthrough.

As for professional users, this is a great model that works for any type of oil extraction and refill. For DIYers, it may take a while to get used to it; still, it’s so easy to install and use that it will sink in eventually.

It boasts of its couple of parts that are fully integrated. These are the grease-flow control body and the through bolt that comes with it. The benefit you get from these two functioning parts is convenience.

You can place the valve as you like with these two parts being there. It gives you the true freedom you need.

The most noticeable part of this whole model is its rotating capacity. You get an impressive rotating ability of 360 degrees, which is actually pretty brilliant, we must say. This rotation ability lets it get the maximum protection it needs. That, too, by a smaller profile, it has.

If you are wondering if it is safe to use or about its functionality, then worry not at all. Fumoto certified this particular model with ISO-9001 for you to rest assured. Just get it and use it, and be satisfied.

What is impressive here is its capacity to be installed without any help of an adapter. While most of the taps depend on adapters, this is a great achievement for this model. Although many products claim to be the best value oil pan drain valve, those faucets don’t get up to the mark like this one.


  • Comes with durable construction for long-term support
  • Rotates up to 360 degrees for maximum protection
  • No adapter or tool is required to install it
  • ISO-9001 certified product by Fumoto
  • Through bolt and oil-flow control body allow convenience


  • Drains a bit slower than its peer valves

4. Fumoto F106S with LC-10 Lever Clip FS-Series Engine Oil Drain Valve

Another impressive collection from Fumoto is the F106S. This is the new S-type tap that comes with a short nipple variant. The nipple measures 5 mm in size and works as an excellent connection for any hose type. People who are looking for the best oil drain valve for jeep often end up buying this one.

Fumoto has made a few changes and improved a bit here in this model. As for the build quality, there is less room for complaint. The faucet is constructed from forged brass and stainless steel.

The brass itself is quite impressive in resisting corrosion and rust. So, it saves you extra time and bucks if you are planning to use it for quite a long time. It saves you from the hassle of struggling with rust and abrasion, as well.

There is nothing more head-scratching than a leakage in your valve. You can’t afford to lose your valuable oil just because of a faulty design of your tap. That’s the sole reason the F106S is double-sealed. It makes it prevent any leakage or loss during the lubricating session.

Another functioning feature that this model comes with is the LC-10 lever lock. This is a built-in safety lock that Fumoto thought of adding inside. Well, this has its advantages that you can get benefited from.

It makes the lever more secure than ever. This safety lock gives this faucet the necessary safety that it needs. And this is exactly what you expect from the best car oil drain valve, right?

Stop wasting time in turning and twisting knobs here and there. The F106S comes with a one-touch operation system that makes operating it quite easier. Just lift the lever and make a quarter turn – it’s good to go for some lubricating sessions!


  • Comes with a handy one-touch operation
  • Built-in safety lock for lever security
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel and forged brass
  • Resists rust and corrosion like a pro 
  • Double-sealed design to prevent leakage and loss


  • Not universally compatible for all types of vehicles

5. Fumoto F-108N Engine Oil Drain Valve

The F-108N is another brick on the wall of Fumoto’s legacy of producing top-quality drain faucets. Like its other variants, the F-108N does come with a number of impressive features.

You can keep all the sewer plugs you have aside to welcome the drain tap of the new century. This faucet makes any plug obsolete and useless. You can rely on this for a better, easier, and more comfortable grease changing experience. This one is surely a great contender for the title of the best easy oil drain valve. 

One of the many impressive techniques it uses to reach this standard is its mess-free liquid changing system. Who wants to put a grease-stain on his/her clothes or hands while changing the oil? Well, nobody. 

That’s why this one allows you to be separated from the hot lubricant. Its unique and advanced functions let your hands and the hot grease to be kept aside from each other. That’s how you enjoy a totally mess-free lubricating experience.

It becomes pretty hard fastening a faucet when there are threads that get stripped. That’s why the F-108N has a unique technique of eliminating the stripped threads. It makes it really easier to fasten the valve and get a tighter finish.

Carrying the legacy of some of its previous models, the F-108N comes with a one-touch operation system. Just a finger touch and turning the lever would start the entire oil-changing process.

It comes with a functional nipple that can be attached to any regular hose. The device has plenty of room for adjusting to any hose size.

The durability you get from this product is simply marvelous. To resist corrosion and abrasion, the F-108N is built from stainless steel and heavy-duty forged brass. That means you can use it on a long-term basis for sure.


  • Offers mess-free and easy oil changes
  • Protect hands and clothes from the hot lubricant
  • Gets rid of stripped thread for better fastening
  • Allows the easy one-touch function
  • Versatile nipple to match regular hoses


  • Can trigger a leakage if not fastened tightly

6. Fumoto F-107N Engine Oil Drain Valve

Another heavy-duty tap from the house of Fumoto is the F-107N. This one, too, performs greatly similar to its previous models. So, if you want the best easy oil drain valve, look no further.

First thing’s first, this one comes with an easy operation system. Instead of losing yourself in multiple options to operate, you can use only a single touch for it. Just use your one finger to make it work.

If you are using plugs currently and looking to jump to faucets, this one is your best bet. It does perform better than a plug, obviously. And it comes with a quick and easy solution to oil changing—a great product for the transition period.

It actively makes you keep away from any lubricant that is hot and harmful to your body. That’s why you can keep off your hand from the grease and secure your body parts. Plus, there’s no chance of your clothes getting dirty and oil-stained.

Fastening the valve has never been easier. Just a few round twists, and it is there – nicely set. This is because the tap can effectively make sure that all the stripped threads in it are removed.

When you are not sure of the grease you are using or changing, you definitely need to check it and observe it. It gets a lot easier if you are using a tool that lets you take out a sample of oil.

This one on our hand has just made it possible. It is designed in such a way that you can extract a small amount of lubricant through the hose.

To make it withstand the test of time, the faucet is particularly crafted with heavy-duty stainless steel and forged brass.


  • Best suited for a mess-free oil changing session
  • Gives your hands and clothes optimum protection
  • Fastening is better than any peer model
  • Can be operated with a single touch of your finger
  • A functioning valve that suits any hose


  • The oil comes out pretty slow

7. Fumoto F-106 Engine Oil Drain Valve

This 14 mm valve from Fumoto is the ultimate choice you can make for you. If you are looking for an easier solution to sewer oil, this is your bet.

It comes with a solid metallic finish that gives you a proper message that it’s going to last enough. Also, this is made from stainless steel to keep rust and corrosion away from its body.

This is a great way to ensure the long-lasting use of a drain tap. Thanks to the forged brass-built body, it gives you the durability you need.

There is a common problem that many users face. It’s the leakage issue. For this model, you can skip this problem if you are following the installation guidelines set by the manufacturers.

Getting messy when you are lubricating has been a serious issue for most of the users for years. To help you out, the F-106 comes with a smart solution. It is designed in a way to maintain a safe distance between your hands and the oil.

And it makes sure that your hands or your attire don’t get too close to the hot water. This results in a neat and clean lubricating session. Forget about all those messy oiling experience.

Besides, the makers have used the Japanese forged brass, which makes it strong and durable enough to withstand all the beatings. Even under heavy pressure, this one is going to stay longer with you, providing you the same, consistent service.

If you are looking for a solution to get a little bit of lube out for sampling, this faucet can make your job easier. It is ideal for such tiny extraction of grease.


  • Highly efficient in letting oil out
  • Designed with Japanese technology
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Durable and long-lasting build quality
  • Ideal for drawing sample oil


  • There can be a case of grease leakage if not properly installed as per Fumoto’s guideline

8. EZ-106 EZ Oil Drain Valve with removable Hose End Combo

This model from the EZ store is going to be a smart choice for you if you are looking for a quality product. The 14 mm tap is pretty easy to set up and install all by yourself. You don’t need to be an expert to operate it.

The first thing you notice when you use this product is its build-quality. Its metallic body is made from stainless steel and also crafted by forged brass.

Also, it is entirely tarnish-resistant and prevents corrosion and rusting. Thanks to its nickel-plated body that is there for extra protection it needs. Together, these durable platings make it a tough and durable product for long-term use.

If you are tired of oil spills from your grease plug or rusty valve, then rejoice. Your bad times are over. The EZ-106 fits perfectly to ward off any chance of lubricant-spill from the hose or the tap. Even if you had the best oil drain plug for you, you should still consider this as a replacement.

So, no spilling, no leakage, and no-hassle! 

The best part of this functional faucet is it gives a straight flow of drainage that makes it easier to avoid a mess. So, if you are changing the lubricant, you can rest assured that the lube will clear out without making a mess.

Along with the one-touch operation system, this valve is pretty easy to handle and operate. It has a protective system that keeps your hands away from the heated lube, which is pretty impressive.

Moreover, it comes with the perfect sealing method when it is closed. The O-ring design makes sealing even better.


  • Crafted from solid stainless steel and forged brass
  • Tarnish-resistant metallic body
  • Nickel-plated for additional protection and durability
  • Prevents oil-spill and provides a mess-free lubricating experience
  • O-ring design for the best sealing system


  • Doesn't come with a hose adapter

9. EZ (EZ-106) Silver 14mm-1.5 Thread Size Oil Drain Valve

The EZ-106 Silver is the silver color version of its original EZ-106 model. Except for the color variant, this model is quite similar to its ancestor. If you are into the best oil drain valve for cars, check this one out.

Talking about its build-quality, it’s a masterpiece of durability. It is made from industry-grade forged brass. With a solid skeleton of stainless steel inside, you can bet on its strength.

Plus, the finishing touch of the nickel plating has made it an absolute stand-out product. Even if it goes under the heavy-loaded truck-tire, it won’t give up! This is how strong it is.

The best part of the nickel plating is, it makes the valve perfectly resistant to oxidation. It means you won’t face any rust or corrosion on the surface of the tap. This is a huge headache, especially during humid weather. Owning the EZ-106 Silver keeps you away from worrying about such issues.

Again, if you want the faucet not to lose its shine for a long time, the nickel plating has a lot to offer. It also ensures that the valve resists tarnishing.

The way regular taps get stripped thread on the body makes it really tough to fasten it in its place. This is really a pain in the neck as it prevents the faucet from getting fastened tightly.

That’s why you can find the EZ-106 Silver to be a great choice for you as it removes all the stripped threads on it. This makes way for a super-tight fastening of the gate.

Having a one-touch operating system is a blessing for you. If you are interested in checking out the oil quality, just push the lever aside, let a little grease drop, and close the lever again. It's easy to take samples.


  • Crafted from solid stainless steel and forged brass
  • Tarnish-resistant metallic body
  • Nickel-plated for additional protection and durability
  • Prevents oil-spill and provides a mess-free lubricating experience
  • O-ring design for the best sealing system


  • Doesn't come with a hose adapter

10. ValvoMax Stainless Oil Drain Valve

Looking for a quick lubricating solution? Well, ValvoMax has got your back! The all-new Valvomax oil drain valve is the ultimate oiling system that you can avail of.

This tool takes only 10 minutes or less to ditch the lube from your vehicle. Its Quick Twist Oil tap makes it very easy to drain out grease. So, if you are bored of waiting for the lubrication to drain out, this is where you can switch to.

As for the build quality of it, it comes with a Rock Solid 304 stainless steel. The durability is totally reliable and worth every penny. Your vehicle will become outdated, but your gate will not!

A brilliant addition to this faucet is the steel cap that covers it. The cap is made from top-quality steel and has a rubbery inner cover. So even if the valve gets leaked for some weird reasons, the cap is there to protect it from it.

The EZ sewer tool that comes with the package is the most exciting thing that we have seen. It is an ergonomically designed tool that makes grease drainage a child’s play. Just place it on the gate and connect the hose. 

Its PVC tube is also worthy of mentioning. As the hot lube comes out of the tap via this hose, it is made from high-temp PVC material. That’s why it won’t get damaged, no matter how many times you use it.

The lube comes out of the vehicle by using the proprietary wave spring inside the valve. It makes it easy to bring out the oil faster.


  • Requires no tool to set it up
  • Comes with a wave spring technology for faster drainage
  • Attached EZ drain tool for quick and convenient flashing
  • Steel cap with rubber for safety lock
  • Made from 100% stainless steel


  • It only fits some specific model, not universal

11. EZ Oil Drain Valve EZ-106RL Oil Drain Valve, 1 Pack

Another EZ tap on our list. This time it’s the EZ-106RL. The model is simple in design and quite functional when in use. It is one of the best.

If you are not a pro in handling such tools on your vehicle, don’t worry. This one is made and designed specially to make its installation process a really easy one. You can set it up on your vehicle just like that.

Its brilliant design lets your hand keep away from the contact of oil getting out of your tank. This makes the whole process totally neat and clean. You can rest assured that no mess is going to be made around your car.

What worries most of the vehicle owners is the durability of the valve. Let’s face it; you can’t change the tap every other month if it gets all rusty and damaged. For this reason, you can choose the EZ-106RL to remain worry-free for a long time.

This is because the entire gate is made from stainless steel. It makes it full-proof against rust, corrosion, and other material damage. Install it once on your vehicle and forget about it for years to come.

Its one-touch operation is quite useful if you have been using plugs before this. Just move the lever on the side to let the lubricant come through the pipe. In addition, you can take out a small amount of grease, as well. It’s super easy to do that for sampling purposes.


  • Super durable body made from stainless steel
  • Prevents rust and corrosion on the body
  • Saves time by extracting oil at a great speed
  • One-touch operation makes it easy to handle
  • Efficient in sample collection


  • It lacks a solid safety lock to prevent leakage

12. Fumoto F-108 Engine Oil Drain Valve

If you are looking for a rock-solid faucet to get your lube-changing job done quickly and easily, Fumoto comes with the F-108 to save your day. This 16 mm gate is the perfect tap that suits most light vehicles and trucks. So, if you are looking for the best quick oil drain valve, this is where you bat your eyes on!

The device is actually pretty useful if you are trying to save your time. It’s just a push of a button away to change the lube in your vehicle. Move the lever away from the place with just a push. The grease will come out without any hick-ups.

This simplistic design also comes with solid construction. Using stainless steel and industry-graded forged brass, this device has been made to withstand the rough environment. Again, it ensures durability and longevity. So, even if you are tired of riding your vehicle years after today, this device won’t be obsolete till then.

Most of the poorly designed and crafted oil valves do have some lacking. When you are trying to twist the nob, hot grease from inside the tank immediately falls on your hand. This danger is mitigated in the F-108. That is by keeping a safe distance between your hands and the lube from the tank.

On the plus side, this one can easily prevent the stripped thread on the twisting area. This makes it easier for you to fasten the tap as much as possible.

The device can be used according to your preferences. As we said, it’s a one-touch device, so you can easily take sample oils from the tank.


  • Lubricant draining system requires only a finger touch
  • Stainless steel made body for durability
  • Protects hands and clothes from heated oil
  • Gets rid of stripped threads for better tightening
  • Short nipple suits regular hose types


  • No extension for easy attachment to a hose

13. Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve Plug M14x1.5x12mm Steel M14 x 1.5 x 12mm

For those of you who are really not into using various tools for changing your vehicle lube, we have got good news for you. The Stahlbus oil flashing tap comes with an impressive capacity of being used without any help of a tool. If you are looking for the best oil drain valve, then this is your bet.

That’s why it has successfully grabbed the attention of most users and thus landed on our top product review article.

Moreover, its clever construction keeps a good and safe distance between the oil that drains out and your hands. That’s why those who are upset about burning their hands and fingers, it’s time for them to move on!

A brilliant addition to this design is the protective cap and the gate. The cap will protect the faucet from any leakage and damage. You can take the cap out and let the grease out. When you are done, gently put the cap back on the valve. This way, the product will save your oil like never before.

If you are suffering from the stripped thread issue, you are in luck. This one can easily ward off any such thread issues, just like that. It’s simple and easy to fasten.

It comes with a protective cover that is made from aluminum. The O-ring system makes it quite easier to change grease with no tools needed.

So, overall, this is a great tool to change your oil and save your hands from burning in the hot lubricant. If you are really into mess-free cleaning, this is your bet.


  • Installation can be done pretty easily by any new user
  • The oil spill is not a possibility
  • Can be operated without the use of any tools
  • Comes with an aluminum-made protective cover
  • A cape is there to secure the valve


  • Thread portion of the drain can be too long for some vehicles

14. Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve Plug M12x1.25x12mm Steel M12 x 1.25 x 12mm

Another surprise from Stahlbus is the 12X1.25X12 mm sewer faucet. This works as perfect as the previous model and thus ensures a neat and clean lube changing session. If you are particularly interested in the best quick oil drain valve, keep reading!

So, the tap pretty conveniently takes the place of the existing drain screw. This is very important as it can make your installation process pretty fast and easy. There is nothing more soothing and exciting than being able to install the gate on your own.

Worrying about tools that you don’t have to install and use it? Well, you don’t need to. This model comes with a great benefit. You don’t need any tools or adapter to set it up and make it work. Its tool-free operation and installation is indeed a blessing if you are looking for a quick performance.

This was designed and constructed, keeping the safety of your hands in mind. It is functionally designed to let your body parts be at a safe distance from the oil inside. So, you can be sure that the grease extraction is safe, clean, smooth, and doesn’t come into contact with your hands.

Due to a copper sealer on it, you get a spill and leakage-free system for your vehicle. It won’t bleed liquid like most of the regular products you find on the market.

The whole valve and the additional pipe come with an aluminum cover to make it safer and stronger. It prevents rust and corrosion like a pro.

Overall, this is one of the best choices you can make for yourself. It’s pretty convenient, comes at an affordable price, and makes your grease-changing experience pretty interesting.


  • Promotes self-installation and operation
  • There is a little to no chance of oil-spill
  • You don’t need any tool to install or use it
  • The protection of aluminum cover is there for extra security
  • A copper sealer prevents leakage


  • Oil drainage takes a bit of time to finish

15. EZ (EZ-108) Silver 16mm-1.5 Thread Size Oil Drain Valve

Last but not least, we have the EZ-108 on our list. This is actually a brainchild of the EZ brand that holds on the legacy of its previous models.

Like the other models from the EZ series, the 108 doesn’t disappoint us, as well. It takes less time to flash lubricant and is pretty easy to set up and operate.

Its build quality is worth mentioning. EZ has carefully crafted it from solid, high-quality stainless steel. This being mixed up with industry-quality forged brass makes this a symbol of resistance and durability.

So, the top-quality building materials make sure that the valve withstands challenges from abrasion, rust, and corrosion. Plus, this metallic body is also resistant to tarnish.

The most impressive characteristic of it that caught our eyes is the ability to execute a cleaner oil-changing. It promises a spill-free floor, mess-free clothes, and burn-free hands and fingers.

Also, the one-touch capacity of it is pure genius and truly represents the grease draining tap family. All you need to do is just push it away on the side, and you are good to go. If you are done, just pull the lever back in its position.

So, overall, this is a pretty functional valve that provides easy installation, mess-free oiling, and prevents the stripped thread issue. This rare combination makes it a great choice for you.


  • Stainless steel and forged brass have been used in it
  • The solid finish protects the faucet from rust, tarnish, and corrosion
  • Quick and easy installation process
  • It allows no room for grease-spill and oil-wastage
  • No more burning of your hand


  • Hose and nipples need to be ordered separately

Best Oil Drain Valve – Buying Guide

Okay, you are really into buying a drain valve, right? Well, we put forward our reviews already for your consideration. But before you make a move, here’s what you need to watch out in a sewer tap.

Protection from Leakage

Drain faucets are usually found below or beside the lubricant pan of your vehicle. If you have a low-quality valve, it will have a poor sealing system in it. Which means it is going to leak oil like crazy.

Without a tight seal, you are sure to lose a good amount of lube every single day. So, if you notice e slow but steady loss of grease, you better check for the sealing system of the valve.

Try finding one that comes with a solid sealing system. O-ring sealers are really impressive in this regard; you can try that out.

Build Quality

As it’s a tiny part of your entire vehicle, chances are there that you won’t put much of an effort in analyzing its build quality. But if you are planning like this, you are doing it wrong.

Even if it’s a tiny part, it should be taken seriously. If it gets broken or damaged, it’s going to let go of as much oil as possible from the reserve.

Many taps in the market are made from pure stainless steel. That’s the kind of faucet you need to go after. Plus, if it’s constructed of industry-quality forged brass, that’s even better. You can check out our Fumoto valve review parts in this article for such products.

Easy to Use

This is something that you will be using every now and then. So, it is evident that it should be quite easy to use and operate. From the installation process to the actual use of it, everything should be very easy and convenient.

If you need to look for instruction every single time while using it, it’s unfortunately not a convenient one. Make sure the device is user-friendly, and the instructions that come with it are clearly written and communicated.

Suitable Size

Who wants to take the hassle of purchasing a product and return it as it doesn’t fit properly? Well, we guess nobody. If you don’t want to be a part of such hassle, make sure you take proper measures of your vehicle’s lubrication part and then order an oil change valve according to that.


A drain faucet needs a few tools and accessories as helping hands when you use it. These include hose, adapter, and few other things. A few products in the market do come with these accessories for free in the package.

If you want to save some bucks, you can look for accessories, as well. This has an advantage, too. These accessories will, by default, suit the size of the valve that comes with the package.

Universal Nipple

The nipple size of the tap should fit all the regular hose types. It’s not that you will be sticking it to only one hose in your entire life. That’s why you must find the best engine oil drain valve with such a nipple size that may suit almost all regular-sized hose pipe.

No-Tool Installation

Most of the highly efficient and top-quality gates require no adapter or tool to be installed. This saves you from the hassle of maintaining and using a number of accessories. It means you save time and money.

So, look for the oil pan drain valve that needs no tool to install it.

Vehicle Compatibility

This is very crucial. Not all the drain faucets suit every other vehicle. The manufacturers provide a list of vehicle types that may suit the valve. You need to go through the list before you buy it to make sure if your vehicle is on the list.

Oil Drain Plug vs. Oil Drain Valve

Oil drain plug and tap are both used for the same purpose - to let the grease out of your vehicle’s reserve. But these two differ from each other in their functionality.

A plug is a simple threaded bolt. It is built from light metal, often aluminum. A sealing gasket is used at the bottom to fasten it tightly. This is found either on the side of the oil pan or beneath it.

The best oil drain plug makes sure that your vehicle doesn’t bleed lube. It is opened up once in a while to let the grease out in order to replace it.

A sewer valve, on the other hand, is a similar type of product but with better efficiency. It promotes cleaner and faster grease change. All you need to do is connect a hose and move a lever on its side to let the lubricant out.
This type of tool suits nearly all types of vehicles. However, there’s a catch. If you have a vehicle with low ground clearance, this may not be a great choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need to change the engine oil?

Well, the lubricant is used to make the engine run and operate smoothly. When you put new oil inside, the machine can move faster with the silky grease inside.

But when you are using it for a long time, the lubricant gets darkened and thicker, which makes it difficult for the engine to work. That’s why you need to flash it out and replace it.

2. Do I need to replace my drain plug with the valve?

If you want a cleaner and faster lubricating session, then you should definitely consider changing and replacing your old sewer plug. The best oil drain plug valve will provide you a mess-free and neat oil changing experience.

3. Does the drain valve leak?

In case you are using low-quality products from unknown manufacturers, there is a good possibility that it will get leaked sooner or later. Without a top-quality product, you can’t expect the grease to be safely handled.

4. How often should I change the engine oil?

This really depends on the vehicle you are using. When you buy your vehicle, you get a user manual with it. It should instruct you when to change the lube. However, generally speaking, you need to change the grease after every 3000 miles of running. If you forget or somehow miss it, you need to change it before it hits 5000 miles.

But the main thing is, you need to regularly check the thickness and color of the lubricant by taking a bit of sample out of it. If it is getting darker and thicker before 3000 miles ride, you need to change it immediately.

5. What happens if I don’t change the engine oil?

If you are not changing the engine oil when it is due, it will cause the engine to face abrasion, and it will start malfunctioning. It will affect the overall performance of your vehicle.

Final Words

So this is where we wrap-up! Drain valves are extremely important in the wellbeing of your car. If you are not flashing out the grease within the due time, it’s surely going to affect your car’s health.

That’s where the best oil drain valve comes into play. If you have picked the right one for your vehicle, oil ditching and changing will become a fun thing that you will definitely enjoy doing.

So, do keep our buying guide handy and keep your eyes on our reviews to find the best one that suits your car. Happy Riding!

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