Marvel Mystery Oil Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Suppose you are going for a long ride, and your engine breaks down in the middle of nowhere. That’s a nightmare you can’t even dream of in your sleep. That’s why keeping your vehicle’s engine healthy is crucial.

Many of us may relax on our couches by lubricating the engine only. However, that’s not going to help for a long time. Lubricants can’t help fight against carbon deposits, internal clogging, and other residues that threaten the engine’s life.

That’s why fuel additives like marvel mystery oil are needed. And today, we have come up with a complete marvel mystery oil reviews for you. This will surely help you to find the best marvel mystery additive for your vehicle.

Marvel Mystery Oil Reviews

Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil - 32 oz.
Marvel Mystery Oil MM12R - 16 Fl Oz....
Marvel Mystery Oil MM14R-4PK - 1 Gallon...
Marvel Mystery Oil 50735 Classic &...
Oil Additive, 1Gal, Red, Transparent
Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil
Marvel Mystery Oil MM12R
Marvel Mystery Oil MM14R
Marvel Mystery Oil 50735
Oil Additive, 1Gal, Red, Transparent
1,342 Reviews
1,342 Reviews
1,342 Reviews
385 Reviews
100 Reviews
Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil - 32 oz.
Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil
1,342 Reviews
Marvel Mystery Oil MM12R - 16 Fl Oz....
Marvel Mystery Oil MM12R
1,342 Reviews
Marvel Mystery Oil MM14R-4PK - 1 Gallon...
Marvel Mystery Oil MM14R
1,342 Reviews
Marvel Mystery Oil 50735 Classic &...
Marvel Mystery Oil 50735
385 Reviews
Oil Additive, 1Gal, Red, Transparent
Oil Additive, 1Gal, Red, Transparent
100 Reviews

Applying additives to your engine is indeed a sophisticated task. You need to be absolutely sure that you are using the best-quality product on your engine. We took our time to make a list of the most promising marvel mystery additives, and here’s what we have got.

1. Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil

The first pick in our list is the MM13R. This one from the brand is a special one. If you are worried about the additives affecting the oxygen sensors and converters inside the engine, you got a solution!

This one is safe to use for such sensors and converters. Plus, it helps the improvement of the mileage, as well. It also lubricates and cleans the carburetor of the engine.

The MM13R effectively prevents the stocking up of gum and varnish in the engine. This makes sure that your vehicle doesn’t get stopped in the middle of a nice ride.

Mix the MM13R with your engine oil, and you can see the magic happen. It will stop the clatter and valve sticking, and improve the performance of the engine oil.

This additive protects the engine from acid and sludge formation, which eventually means no sudden breakdown for your car.

If you are using the MM13R for the first time, make sure you mix 20% of it with the engine oil. However, if you are using it with fuel, then for 10 gallons of gas, you need only 4 ounces of MM13R to use.


  • Prevents sludge formation
  • Protects the engine from the formation of acid
  • Comes with an instruction guide
  • Safe to use on sensors and catalytic converters
  • Improves engine power and compression


  • The plastic bottle is poorly made

2. Marvel Mystery Oil MM12R

In our list, we have another masterpiece – the MM12R. Similar to the MM13R, this one also makes quite a bit of improvement to your overall engine performance.

If you are looking for something that can enhance the power of the engine and also extend the lifetime of it, you can easily choose the MM12R.

The MM12R effectively cleans up the carburetor and the injector of the vehicle system to smoothen the use of fuel. Plus, it works effectively to make sure that the oil doesn’t break down under extreme heat.

Using this one with the engine oil or fuel can ensure that you can get rid of valve sticking and clatter. It directly reduces the carbon deposits and other residues to make the engine work without any hindrance.

Like the MM13R, this one can also be used with conventional, synthetic, or four-cycle oil. If you happen to use any of these, you can easily make use of this additive.

If you are planning to use it with engine oil, you need to mix 20% of it with the oil. On the other hand, if you are going to use marvel mystery oil in gas, diesel, or other fuel, you need to use 2 ounces of the oil with 5 gallons of your fuel.


  • Lubricates the fuel injectors and carburetor
  • Doesn’t let gum and varnish formation
  • Prevents clatter and valve sticking
  • This one is safe to be applied to sensors
  • Stops engine oil from breaking down under heat


  • Produces a bit of weird smell from the exhaust

3. Marvel Mystery Oil MM14R

Most of us haven’t got time to purchase additives once or twice a month. If that’s you right there, you can go for the 1-gallon pack of the MM14R.

The additive inside is of the same quality of all the other premium products of MMO. Along with lubricating the total fuel system of your vehicle, it also cleans up the carburetor part injectors.

Internal friction in the engine can cost you your mileage. Luckily, this can be solved and prevented with the MM14R additive. It reduces the friction to a satisfactory level in order to improve the fuel consumption behavior of your car.

Also, it effectively eliminates the carbon deposit and harmful residues to keep the engine in a well and good condition for a long time. With its special cleaning technique, it lubricates every internal component to extend the lifetime of the machines.

If you are wondering if using it on spark-plug can invite harm, don’t worry. It surprisingly can extend the life expectancy of the spark-plug pretty effectively.


  • Lubricates the carburetor, injector, and the entire system
  • Cleans up the top portion of the cylinder
  • Enhances the lives of the vital parts of the engine
  • Extends the spark-plug’s life
  • Helps the engine oil to withstand heavy temperature


  • As it comes in a gallon pack, it comes with a higher price

4. Marvel Mystery Oil 50735

This one from MMO is absolutely an essential element to your engine. It can provide the ultimate lubricating solution to your engine to keep it performing better than ever.

With its top-end lubrication system, it can ensure that the engine is performing to its top-most level. Just like most of the other oil from MMO, the 50735 can also be applied in synthetic, 2 and 4 cycle oil, and conventional oil.

The application ratio is the same as the others. You use 20% of this oil with synthetic oil. That’s true if you are using it with the vehicle’s lubricating oil. You can also use MMO with your car’s fuel, as well.

In that case, you need to use 4 ounces of MMO oil with 10 gallons of fuel. Plus, you have to use it every time you change your fuel.

If you feel that your vehicle’s engine has been down for some time, it’s the best solution you can use to restore its power.

On top of all, this one can stabilize the fuel for months, and it actively promotes the easy start-ups for the engine.

In addition, you get a complete rust and corrosion prevention service from this oil. It prevents the ethanol in the fuel from forming rust over the internal organs.


  • Can be applied to both synthetic oil and conventional oil
  • Provision for applying on fuel and lubricating oil
  • Stabilizes fuel for multiple months
  • Prevents ethanol from forming rust
  • Suitable for use in all types of engines


  • Some packs come in poor condition

5. Oil Additive, 1Gal, Red, Transparent

Number 5 on our marvel oil reviews is the 1 Galon red transparent additive from MMO. It’s kind of similar to the MM14R pack, which also comes with a 1-gallon additive.

This can be of help for those of you who don’t want to buy this liquid quite frequently. Just buy a gallon pack and get to rest for at least a few months to come.

Talking about the additive you get, it doesn’t disappoint as being a product of Marvel Mystery Oil. It successfully prevents the oil breakdown in the lubricant due to extreme heat and temperature inside.

Plus, it also makes sure that no valve-sticking occurs under the same overheating environment in the engine. This ultimately helps get rid of carbon deposits and residues to keep the vehicle engine clean.

You can apply this oil with both the lubricating oil and fuel. If you choose to use it with fuel, you get the benefit of getting an extra mileage boost. This way, it reduces the deposits in the carburetor and the injector to help boost optimum fuel consumption.


  • Comes with a large 1-gallon pack
  • Can be applied with fuel and lubricant
  • Reduces the carbon deposit and residues
  • Boosts mileage of the vehicle
  • Prevents oil breakdown effectively


  • A one-gallon pack may cost you more

6. Marvel Mystery Oil 32oz. (Pack 2)

This is another great choice for you if you are a true fan of MMO additives. The 32-ounce pack is just what you need to get going for a good period of time.

You get a superior cleaning agent for the engine, as well as the entire fuel system of your vehicle. Just apply it with your synthetic or regular lubricating oil and see the magic happen.

Alternatively, you can use it with your fuel (like diesel) too. If you decide to regularly use this in your engine, it is sure to come back with a lot of benefits. Preventing the wear and tear of the engine is one of them.

Controlling sludge and other regular residues are no longer a hassle, once you have started using the MMO additive. It also accelerates the effectiveness of the lubricating oil you use on your engine.

The best part is, it increases the overall mileage of your vehicle. Applying it regularly with an optimum amount means you get an improved fuel consumption system for your engine.


  • Maintains a superior cleaning system for the engine and fuel system
  • Helpful in sludge control
  • Eliminates carbon deposits and other residues
  • Increases gas mileage
  • Prevents wear and tear for the engine


  • Bottlehead may get jammed in a chilling environment

7. Marvel Mystery Oil Pint

Last but not least, we have got the Marvel Mystery Oil Pint in our list. It comes in another medium-sized bottle for the convenience of use.

Although it comes with a different bottle or package, the ingredient is the same premium liquid made by MMO. You can apply the oil with conventional or synthetic oil in your engine.

Alternatively, you can mix it up with 2 and 4 cycle oil, as well. Go for whichever you feel convenient with.

Applying this to your engine can dramatically improve the performance of your engine. It improves the compression, MPG, and the power of it.

Not only that, this one can lubricate the upper cylinder of the engine for a smoother and better idling.

Apart from that, this liquid keeps the engine clean and safe from sludge. But you have to use it regularly for that. The manufacturers recommend that you use it with every fuel change.


  • Comes in a handy medium-sized bottle
  • Very active in sludge control
  • Improves engine performance
  • Ensures smoother idling for the engine cylinder
  • Keeps the engine safe and clean from sludge


  • A bit of a higher price-tag

Marvel Mystery Oil – Buying Guide

By this time, as you have gone through the marvel mystery oil review, you may have a clear idea of what this oil can do to your engine. But before you go get a pack from the market, let’s find out what exactly you should look at before buying one.

Using Period

Before you get a pack, you need to decide, for how long do you plan to use the MMO additive. If you are planning for a week or a couple of weeks, then you may go for the regular 16-ounce or even 32-ounce bottles.

These bottles will help you keep going for a short period of time. But if you are not into visiting the store quite often, or don’t want to order online every Sunday, then a gallon-pack may come to you as a great option.

The good thing is, marvel mystery oil uses a variety of packages. That’s pretty much helpful for most of us. It can serve your purposes, no matter how much oil you need per month.


Well, the packaging is a part of the MMO that has some issues. A number of customers have complained that the medium or small-sized bottle that comes with the oil doesn’t have the potential to withstand cold temperatures.

From the complaints of the users, it is clear that the bottle head gets jammed when the temperature gets down. So, it gets hard to open it up. In some extreme cases, you may need to break the top part of the bottle to get the oil out.

So before you get one, make sure you check the bottles for resistance. There should be a warning or instruction on how to use the bottle at different temperatures. Or there should be a caution for using it at a specific temperature. That can help.

Handy Sized Bottle

If you are not the guy who wants to shop once and for all in a month, you can choose to buy the different handy-sized bottles. This will help you carry the bottle with you wherever you want.

For such a handy bottle, you can keep it inside your vehicle pretty easily. So, if you are on a long journey and feel like the engine is somehow not acting as it should, you can immediately apply the MMO additive then and there.

Make sure you get the handy-sized bottle for ease of carry.

Safe for Sensors

There may be some versions of this additive that may pose a bit of danger to the sensor inside the engine. This is scary for many of us. To eliminate this issue, you need to be extra cautious when you are buying one.

Read all the instructions on the packaging to find out if it is actually harmful to sensors or not. Typically, the instruction does say that it can be used or not used on sensors. It makes your job much easier. Otherwise, you can always contact the producers to get clarified.

Complete Instructions

If you want, you can take help from the internet or YouTube to get a proper guideline on how to apply this oil in your engine. But that should not always help as your vehicle may be differently designed than the one mentioned on the internet.

That’s why you need to see if the package includes an instruction manual. It will help a lot. This will make it easy to apply the oil perfectly on your engine. So, never compromise with an instruction manual.

Benefits of Using Marvel Mystery Oil

There are a lot of benefits to using MMO on your vehicle. In our list, we have gathered some reasons that might interest you.

Works on Any Engine

No matter what type of vehicle you ride, MMO additives can be used in it. If you have a gas or diesel motor, you got it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a car, or a truck, or even a luxury yacht, it suits all these engine types.

So, you don’t need to spend your time wondering if this oil suits your engine or not. Just buy it and use it.

Helps Fight Corrosion

Using this additive helps reduce the chances of your engine to get affected by corrosion. In the winter season, the water gets condensed in the cylinders and inside the crankcase, as well. This makes the oil get weaker, and eventually, the engine will be subject to corrosion.

Applying the additive means that you can keep the layer of the oil stronger than ever. So, the water can’t get passed through it, even if the temperature is quite low.

If you are interested in getting a clear idea, follow our marvel mystery oil treatment review from the beginning.

Improves Mileage

MMO can increase the mileage of the vehicle. It dramatically improves the efficiency of the car engine. If you apply it directly into the fuel of your car, it can easily develop the oil consumption of the engine.

Cleans Up Engine

Using MMO in the engine means it can clean up the inside of it. It can apply its cleansing technique on the entire fuel system, as well. All you need to do is replace 20% of the lubricant with the MMO additive.

The best part is, you can apply it with either conventional oil or synthetic oil in your vehicle. Just apply it every time you change the oil. As for use with fuel, you need to add it every 300 to 500 miles.

Protects Oil from Thickening in Cooler Temperatures

The science that works behind Marvel Mystery Oil helps the oil get thinner. Marvel mystery oil uses a special technique to make oil thinner. It comes as a great help in the dense winter when the oil tends to thicken every day.

If you are using the additive regularly in your engine, it will prevent the engine oil and fuel from getting thickened and eventually save your engine from disasters.

Another favor this additive does is that it allows the oil to move through the oil filter easily. This is crucial for your engine to work smoothly.

Eliminates Rust Effectively

MMO does have a mysterious power to fight against rust. Not only this prevents rust from forming around the engine, but it also works great to rub away rust from the internal parts of the engine.

Many expert mechanics use it as a rubbing material to clean off the rust on different parts of the car. So, you can use it without any concern on the engine to clear off any rust to save it from corrosion.

Removes Jammed Spark Plugs

Spark plugs can get rusts too. That’s why you can see many spark plugs get jammed inside the engine area. Removing the jammed plug can be a tough nut to crack.

But using a small amount of MMO can save the day. All you need to do is just spray a little bit of additive around the spark plug and wait for about three straight hours.

After this period, you can see that the plug is slowly coming out if you are putting a bit of pressure. If you are in luck or you have used enough MMO on it, it will come out in one go!

How to Use Marvel Mystery Oil

The basic idea of using the MMO is to use it with your fuel. We have already mentioned it in our mystery marvel oil review. You can use it by mixing 4 ounces of it with 10 gallons of fuel. But alternatively, you can use it with oil lubricant, as well. Here is a step by step guide for its use.

Using with Lubricant

  • First of all, take the oil pan plug off. Use a socket for this purpose. It will drain the lubricant from the engine.
  • Now remove the oil filter from the car. Replace it with a new one and just put a little bit of oil on the gasket there. Use a really tight seal to seal it off.
  • In this step, place the oil pan plug back and tighten it.
  • Now read the manual that comes with your vehicle to make sure how much oil you should put. Once you get it, just put a quart less than the recommended amount. Remove the fill cap and apply the lubricant.
  • This time, put a quart of MMO inside through the funnel.
  • Now put the oil cap back and start the engine. Keep the engine running for a while. Kill it after some time and see if the oil level in the dipstick is enough or not. If low, then add more and run the same process again.

Using with Fuel System

  • First, fill the fuel tank in the gas station.
  • Now, the tank should be filled up with such an amount of fuel that can be divided by five. It will come handy for you to calculate the amount of MMO you need to add.
  • In this step, you need to add 2 ounces of MMO for every 5 gallons of fuel.
  • Now pour the MMO in the fuel tank slowly. Check the amount frequently for surety. As you finish applying the right amount, put the cap back, and start the engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use MMO with biodiesel?

Yes, of course. You can use MMO with any type of diesel fuel. That includes biodiesel, as well. You can easily use it with that.

2. Is it safe for the engine to use MMO at every single refill?

As for using it for with every fuel refill, it has not been found yet that it poses any risk for the engine. So, with that being said, we can say that it is completely safe for it to be used with every single refill.

3. Can I use MMO on the sensors?

Generally, Marvel Mystery Oil additives are safe for oxygen sensors and converters inside the machine. You can use it without a doubt.

4. Is seafoam better than Marvel Mystery Oil?

Marvel Mystery oil prevents the oil from getting thick at low temperatures. On the other hand, seafoam does a better performance in stabilizing the fuel. These two have different roles to play. So in a word, these two serve different purposes.

5. Can the MMO clean the fuel injectors?

Yes. MMO works great to clean up fuel injectors, as well. In our marvel mystery oil additive review, we have discussed it in detail.

Final Words

So that was all we have in our marvel mystery oil reviews. We believe our review will help you in all ways to give you a good understanding of using this additive in your engine.

We recommend to use it with every lubricant change or after every 300 miles of ride in case you are adding it to the fuel. It will definitely make your riding more enjoyable and exciting!

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