Permatex 81343 Anti-seize Lubricant Review

Whether you love to repair your machine by yourself or you are a professional in this field, a good lubricant is must-have equipment in your tool bag. Lubricants not only help your machine to run smoothly but also help you to disassemble and assemble them easily.

Permatex 81343 Anti-seize Lubricant helps us to do these tasks easily. This anti-seize lubricant helps us to maintain our repairing works at ease and keeps our machinery in a good condition.

Permatex 81343 Anti-seize Lubricant Review

If you are looking for an anti-seize lubricant which can perform well under extreme conditions, then go through Permatex 81343 Anti-seize Lubricant review below.

Strong and rich material blend

Before buying something, it is better to go through the ingredients used in that. You cannot expect a material to be the best when the ingredients of that material are not the best. 

The Permatex 81343 Anti-seize Lubricant is a mixture of very highly refined aluminum, copper, and graphite lubricants. When these three rich components mix together in the right amount, they form this very sophisticated Permatex Anti-seize lubricant.

Makes assembling easier

Every mechanic or person who does machinery or engine-related works knows how tough it can get when assembling an engine or machine without a lubricator. Permatex 81343 Anti-seize Lubricator makes the assembling task easier.

From the name itself you can easily guess this lubricator prevents seizing. The rich ingredients of this lubricator make it so much sophisticated that it can prevent galling and corrosion. For example, when two pistons move along each other, if there is no lubricator between them, corrosion will start there. Permatex lubricator helps you to prevent these unwanted situations.

Easy disassembling

Here once more the topic of lubrication will rise. The lubrication ability and the anti-seizing capability of this Permatex lubricator help while disassembling any machine. It is not like ball joints grease, it’s more likely for preventing rust from the joints.

The lack of lubrication and fatigue makes it harder to disassemble sometimes. For example, when you are about to open a screw which is stuck there for a long time, put some Permatex anti-seizing lubricator there and wait for some time. The screw will open easily.

Perfect for marine uses

The most effective feature of this Permatex Anti-seizing lubricator is its’ ability to resist salt, moisture, and corrosion. Places, where humidity is that high and the air, has more salt in it can cause more corrosion to metals and machinery. 

This Permatex anti-seizing lubricator is salt and moisture resistant. So, it can help the ship’s engines and other machinery to work properly in marine weather. Fishing boats, kayaks, luxurious yacht everything needs maintenance. Our Permatex lubricant can give them a very good service. 

Heat flexible

Most of the machinery and engines go through extreme conditions. They have to work under various heat conditions. The Permatex Anti-seizing lubricant is so flexible that it can handle temperatures from -60F to 1600F. it means, whether the heat is extremely low or, extremely high, this lubricator will still continue to do its’ job. 

Automotive maintenance

Cars and other vehicles are always moving. So their spark plugs, cylinder, exhaust head bolts, brakes, engine pistons are always going through vibrations and they are moving always. Seizing and galling can happen there. Permatex lubricator prevents this seizing and galling. When the maintenance work is going on in your car, putting this lubricator on those moving parts will give you a great result for sure.


  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Comes in a tube so it can be applied easily by just holding it like a pen
  • Can be used in heavy pressure applications
  • Can be used in both slow and fast-moving parts
  • Remains good under extreme heat conditions
  • Blend of rich ingredients


  • It smells a little strange

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q. Is this sticky?

No, this is not sticky but it is like a slippery liquid. Something like jelly or glycerine.

Q. How do I remove this from my hand?

You can wash your hand with any soap or you can use any industrial hand cleaner to clean your hand after working with Permatex anti-seize lubricant. But my suggestion will be to wear gloves while working.

Q. what is the weight of it?

The weight of this lubricant tube is 28g.

Q. How many spark plugs can be changed with one tube of this lubricator?

Though this tube of lubricator looks small in quantity, you can change at least 7-8 spark plugs from one tube.

Q. Can I use it instead of grease?

Yes, a Permatex lubricator can be used instead of grease. In some cases, it is better than grease because it can be used under huge pressure conditions and this lubricator works well in extremely cold and extremely hot weather conditions.

Q. Can I use this as a lubricant for a dry bearing of my garage gate? 

First of all, this is anti-seize, not lubricant oil. As you know bearing must move freely but this anti-seize lubricant is for things like bolts and nuts which should not rust. Use this to stop them from rust and in the future you don’t feel any difficulty opening the bolt or nut.

Q. Will it gets fire if applied in hot places?

No. This is very much heat flexible. It can tolerate from -60F to 1600F. So, there is no point in getting fire on it. On the other hand, it is not made of any flammable element. So, there is nothing to worry about it.

Final thought

As you have seen from the above description, the Permatex 81343 Anti-seize Lubricant is a perfect solution for the maintenance of engines and machinery. It helps the metal and aluminum joints to stay safe from rust. So, if you are looking for a long-lasting solution for your maintenance work, then this anti-seize lubricant will not let you down.

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