Best Grease For Ball Joints (2020) – Complete Reviewed & Buying Guide

You might think why you should waste time reading articles on the best grease for ball joints. When the product price of the grease is only a few bucks. Yeah, it is a partial truth. But if you are still thinking like this, then your car is probably at risk.

It is because the ball joint itself is a complicated and expensive part. If you end up using low quality or inappropriate grease on ball joints then they may wear out the parts.

For this reason, you should know every inch of your grease before buying one. Here, we have tested out and enlisted the 10 best greases that you can undoubtedly use in your car.

Lucas Oil 14.5 Ounce 10301 Heavy Duty...
WD-40 Specialist Heavy Duty...
Valvoline Moly-Fortified Gray Full...
Allstar ALL78240 Timken Brand Premium...
Valvoline General Purpose Amber Grease 1...
Lucas Oil 10301 Heavy Duty Grease
WD-40 Specialist Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Grease
Valvoline Moly-Fortified Gray Full Synthetic Grease
Allstar ALL78240 Wheel Bearing Grease
Valvoline General Purpose Amber Grease
990 Reviews
311 Reviews
606 Reviews
314 Reviews
210 Reviews
Lucas Oil 14.5 Ounce 10301 Heavy Duty...
Lucas Oil 10301 Heavy Duty Grease
990 Reviews
WD-40 Specialist Heavy Duty...
WD-40 Specialist Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Grease
311 Reviews
Valvoline Moly-Fortified Gray Full...
Valvoline Moly-Fortified Gray Full Synthetic Grease
606 Reviews
Allstar ALL78240 Timken Brand Premium...
Allstar ALL78240 Wheel Bearing Grease
314 Reviews
Valvoline General Purpose Amber Grease 1...
Valvoline General Purpose Amber Grease
210 Reviews

 1. Lucas Oil 10301 Heavy Duty Grease

Lucas is a popular name in the lubricant industry. As always this grease from Lucas Oil is up to the mark and of excellent quality. This is why we had to begin the list with this product.

Although this grease was meant to be used on industrial tools and supplies. You can apply it in the car that you use daily. This high-performance grease is pretty capable of enduring even in the high-temperature.

This grease used a typical polyurea as a thickening agent. But it is almost as good as any lithium-based grease. Yet, the color of the intact grease at the normal temperature is dark green or, you can say it is almost bluish.

Lucas X-TRA grease can cope easily with the extreme pressure. The viscosity gets decreased at a higher temperature just like any other grease. But the specialty of this grease is that it shows excellent mobility even in the cold condition.

For the high-speed bearings, this is quite a good choice. I am using this grease in my car for a long time and I observed that this thing can prevent the rust nicely.

You can also use this lubricant inside the wheel bearing and chassis joints. The balance between the stickiness and mobility is properly maintained in this grease. And, this makes it the best grease for ball joints.


  • Compatible with a wide range of tools and machinery
  • Doesn’t do any harm to the rubber and plastics
  • Highly waterproof and temperature resistant
  • Relatively longer lifespan than any other grease of the same category


  • Might not be compatible with your existing lithium-based greases
  • High viscosity may sometimes create excessive friction

2. WD-40 Specialist Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Grease

This is yet another non-lithium grease that performs well in any condition. This lubricant used calcium sulfonate as the thickening material. Calcium-based greases perform better in high temperatures and excessive pressurized conditions.

This grease is packed in a tube that can be easily interested in a grease gun for applying. The extra viscosity of this grease helps you to apply it with a bare hand.

Although it is not recommended to use in your bikes or RC toys. You can apply this grease into the ball joints of the chassis suspension of the car to get the most performance.

The longevity of this lubricating agent is great. For this reason, you can apply it in any sealed components. It will keep that component mobilized even if you don't open it for a long time.

This grease was particularly engineered to use in high-speed bearings and high-performance components. Flowing waters can not wash this away. Apart from this, the water-resisting capability protects the components from rust and corrosion.

But, the consistency of this grease is not the best. But it’s decent and can do the job quite well. This grease is capable of flowing slowly through the cavities. Thus, it will lubricate each corner of the ball joints.

The color is greenish-blue at room temperature. An interesting fact about this grease is that it doesn’t create a bad odor. All the additives used in this lubricant compliance to the law of 50 states.


  • This grease doesn’t flow too much. It stays put where you have applied it
  • Have a higher dropping point because of calcium sulfonate
  • Compatible with high-performance lithium-based greases
  • Holds performance even exceeding 600 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Shows significant spray off while using in wet condition

3. Valvoline Moly-Fortified Gray Full Synthetic Grease

You may have heard the name of Valvoline because of their car repair chain shops. Apart from this, they are also one of the most popular manufacturers of engine oil, lubricants, etc.

Valvoline has a wide range of synthetic greases. This Moly-Fortified grease is one of their most popular products. It is a lithium-based grease. That means they used lithium complex as the thickening agent.

This grease is also adorned with all the high-quality additives. Molybdenum disulfide or Moly is one of them. It contains 2.5% of Moly according to the company claiming. This is an ideal quantity because excessive solid Moly can make the grease more viscous.

The thing I like most about this lubricant is that it comes in a nice high-quality cartridge. It is compatible with your existing grease gun that makes it easily applicable.

This grease can withstand very high temperatures and extreme pressure. This is why it feels like a charm while using it in the ball joints.

The thickness of this grease is adequate and it shows an excellent level of consistency. The rain or any kind of water streams can not wash it away easily.

Another important factor I noticed is that is can prevent rust and oxidation very well. The color of the grease is gray and it features a smooth texture. All these things make it the best grease for Moog ball joint.


  • It shows high strength because of the Moly agent
  • Better compatibility with other types of greases
  • Hardly shows lubrication failure
  • The longevity is well enough to use on sealed bearings


  • Sometimes it may misbehave in wet conditions because of the MoS2
  • The machinery parts may suffer from corrosion sometimes

4. Allstar ALL78240 Wheel Bearing Grease

We had to include this in 4th place. But that doesn’t mean it is behind the above three greases performance. It works quite well when you apply it in the right place.

I tried this lubricant in the ball joints and it surprised me. As per my observation, this is capable of taking high temperatures and pressure. Although the dropping point is a bit lower than many other excellent performers.

The grease comes in a cartridge. I didn’t find any difficulties while attaching it into my existing grease gun. It provides you with a warranty period of 90 days. But I think you don’t have to worry about that because you can just forget about it after applying.

This Allstar Timken's premium grease stands quite well against the water and corrosion. It stays put at the place and shows excellent stability.

The manufacturer used lithium complex as the thickening agent in this grease. As always the lithium-based greases show excellent stability in high-speed applications.

The main characteristics of grease depending on the additives it uses. This grease uses quality chemical compounds as additives. Hence, it has even got a certification from The National Lubrication Grease Institute.


  • Works well at the temperature as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Additives have anti-wear and corrosion resisting capabilities
  • Water flow can not spray it off easily
  • The synthetic thickener shows a good balance between stability and mobility


  • The dropping point is lower than the competition

5. Valvoline General Purpose Amber Grease

As the name suggests, it is a general-purpose grease that can be applied to any type of material. For this reason, I tried my luck using it in the ball joints. And, for your kind information, it passed the test with honor.

It comes in different packaging than the Moly grease of the same company that we mentioned above. The can it comes in is reusable and it doesn’t feel cheap.

The color of the grease is brown right out of the packaging. Many people use this in chassis joints and ball joints. Even this has proven to perform well in other applications.

This is not a typical lithium-based grease. The molybdenum disulfide makes it capable of withstanding against wearing out and corrosion.

The only downside of this grease is its temperature rating. When the temperature rises, this grease melts. This is why I will not recommend using this in high-speed bearings.

Some people complain about this grease that the grease leaks from the container. It did not face this issue and my can was quite intact. But I recommend you to be careful while buying this grease.

Considering some limitations, this is a good all-round grease. You can try it out without any confusion.


  • The temperature range is wide enough with a peak of 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • This grease works well with any kind of metal parts
  • Corrosion and water-resistant additives
  • The high viscosity due to lithium prevents it from dripping


  • The poring point is as high a -10 degrees F that will not perform well in cold weather

6. Lucas Oil 10330 X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease

This is not the best grease for ball joints but it is yet another excellent product from Lucas Oil. Just like the topper in this list, this grease performs well in all aspects.

Lucas Oil X-Tra Heavy Duty is meant to apply on high-speed bearings. Hence, you will not find any difficulties using it in ball joints in the chassis suspension.

This grease comes in a large plastic container. But you should not apply or use this into any plastic or rubber materials. But this is a perfect lubricant for metal objects.

It will last longer than any other grease you find in the market. It is a polyurea-based grease that uses high-quality additives for the lubrication purpose.

Corrosion and wear resistance is some of the key features of this grease. Although it can prevent rusts in metal parts, I recommend you to lube them periodically. This will provide you with much better results.

This grease is extra thick and stays put in a place. This is why you can use it in wheel bearings and sealed components. It can cope with high temperatures very nicely.

Moreover, this is an excellent lubrication choice for ball joints or similar applications. At this price point, you can never go wrong with this grease. I didn’t find any mentionable cons while using this grease for a long time.


  • Shows excellent stability even in extreme temperature scenarios
  • Lasts longer than most other similar types of greases
  • Water and rustproof additives take care of the metal parts
  • The grease features balanced mobility and does not runoff


  • Might seem thin while applying at movable parts

7. Lucas Oil 10320 Marine Grease

This is a specialized grease from Lucas Oil. It is not a general-purpose grease. Rather it is intended to use on marine vehicles. This is because of this grease containing water resistance additives.

It can withstand against any type of corrosion and rust. Doesn’t matter whether the water is sweet or salty, this marine grease from Lucas Oil will get you covered.

This grease used calcium-based soap complex, specifically calcium sulfonate as the thickening agent. This synthetic thickener is as good as any other lithium complex based thickeners.

Though this is a marine grease, you can use this on your vehicle chassis and ball joints. On top of that, you will get extra protection from water and rusts.

This grease is not meant to be working well on high temperatures and movable parts. But I didn’t find any difference using it in wheel bearings. Rather the dropping point if this grease is very high which is almost 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

When you open the package it will treat you with its dark blue outlook. You will immediately feel the smooth texture of the grease. The manufacturer didn’t use any harmful additives and heavy metals with this grease.


  • Environment-friendly additives without harmful materials
  • This marine grease shows excellent mechanical stability and temperature
  • It lasts longer than typical general-purpose greases
  • This is very good for the vehicles running in the swamp areas


  • Not suitable for a centralized lubrication system

8. Mystik 665005002901 Hi-Temp Multi-Purpose Grease

The Mystik JT-6 is yet another multipurpose grease. It shows excellent performance even if you apply it to high-speed wheel bearings. Hence, I didn’t face any problems using it in the ball joint of the chassis.

The thickening agent of this grease is based on lithium soap. For this reason, the durability of this grease is longer than other non-metal greases. Even I observed uniform lubrication in every corner of the metal parts.

The grease texture is smooth. This is not that stiff or thick. But that doesn’t mean it will drip off easily. Rather, I liked how the manufacturer kept the balance between viscosity and thinness.

The brand claims that it is specialized for high-temperature usage. I was not quite sure about this before using it in my SUV. But, to my surprise, I saw that it showed amazing consistency at a very high temperature.

Apart from these, the grease has shown some extra characteristics. Because the manufacturer used very high-quality additives. It can reduce the oxidation and wearing of the metal parts. Although, the water-resistance of this grease was not the best. But it did the job pretty well by withstanding against water spray.

This multipurpose grease from Mystik can be your pick if you want to have decent performance. I think this is can be another best grease for Moog ball joints.


  • The dropping point is relatively higher than most other lubricants
  • It can perform well under extreme pressurized conditions
  • This grease is considered the best grease for U joints because of its stability
  • Waterproof and has shock load protection for chassis suspensions


  • The thickness should have been better

9. Timken GR224C Wheel Bearing Grease

This is yet another great grease from the Timken brand. The outlook of the packaging is cool and the color of the grease is reddish. But that doesn’t mean it sacrificed the performance because of the outlook.

I must admit that it is a well all-round performer for lubricating any kind of metal parts. The manufacturer marketed this grease as a specialized solution for wheel bearings. That means it performs well at high temperatures and does not suck due to the movable parts.

For this reason, I didn’t have any problem using it in the ball joints of the chassis. This grease used lithium soap as the thickening agent. Lithium is a good thickener with some great advantages.

The operating temperature range is good in this grease. That means you can use this in extreme cold temperature and ultra-high temperature. It can take up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit without any hassle. This is enough for use in a ball joint.

The lithium complex used in this grease is not suitable for plastic or rubber. But you can use it in any kind of metal part without hesitation.

This Timken grease can prevent oxidation and hence the parts will not get corroded. This is a dealmaker for many users who have to deal with metal wearing.


  • The quality additives in this grease offer great mechanical stability
  • It comes in a reusable container that does not get damaged easily
  • Doesn’t get softened and washed away
  • This grease can flow through a cavity for lubrication


  • Doesn’t have any demerit except a lower dropping point

10. Plews & Edelmann LubriMatic 11404 Grease

This is originally a special purpose grease. Since the water resistance capacity of this grease is better. You can use this for getting high performance in marine vehicles. 

They used calcium sulfonate in this grease as a thickener. Although calcium sulfonates don’t provide as good performance as lithium-based grease. But calcium complex greases have some very exclusive advantages.

This grease is compatible with any kind of grease except the polyurea based greases. The oxidative stability calcium sulfonate greases get a longer exposure time without corrosion. This is why you should never go wrong with this Plews & Edelmann LubriMatic grease.

The dropping point is far beyond what we normally see on this type of grease. Hence, the 550 degrees Fahrenheit dropping point will give you the ultimate lubrication. Even if you apply this on high-speed bearings.

As I mentioned earlier, it withstands nicely against the water attacks. It doesn't matter whether the water is salty or not. It will protect the mechanical parts against corrosion and wearing out.

Although, we had to include this in the last position of the list. It is a great contender against other greases on this list. If you need grease mainly with water resistance capability then it can be your pick.


  • Compatible with lithium and other kinds of greases
  • Better protection against flowing water and oxidation
  • The metal parts do not get corroded over a long period
  • Can hold up better shearing stress than other similar greases


  • It might be hard to apply because of the stickiness

Best Grease for Ball Joints - Buying Guide

Choosing the best ball joint grease is not an easy task. You have to know what are the characteristics of a good all-round grease. Besides, many chemical compounds make ideal lubricant. Understanding a few basic things will let you know what kind of grease for ball joints you should use.

Different additives bring different characteristics in the grease. Hence, you have to choose the ideal grease that will meet your needs. There are some crucial aspects that you must consider while choosing the best grease.


Thickening agents make the grease thick and provide enough viscosity. The greases we normally see in the market use different kinds of thickeners. Metallic soap thickeners are most common.

For example, lithium complex, calcium complex are metallic soap thickeners. Polyurea is also a widely used synthetic thickener. You will find non-soap thickeners that have some advantages over normal metallic thickeners.

Water Resistance​

This is an important characteristic of a grease. If the grease is prone to water it may not work properly. Sometimes excessive water flow can wash the lubricants away. This is why you should use grease that gives protection against water.


Stability is the opposite of flowability. Stability keeps the grease stay put into the place where it was applied. But if the grease is hard or viscous, the stability may bring some negative effects.

For example, hard grease is not easy to apply. If you apply hard grease inside wheel bearings then it may reduce the workability of the machine. A good grease always maintains a good balance between flowability and stability.


Although excessive flowability is never expected in good grease. But a little bit of flowability is must for a good grease so that it can flow through the cavities.

If the grease is very hard and doesn’t flow, it may leave some parts unlubricated where the grease gun can not access.

Dropping Point​

While reviewing the greases, I mentioned about dropping points several times. Because the dropping point is a very important characteristic of an ideal grease.

The dropping point is the point where the grease starts to melt. Hence, if the dropping point is low you can not apply it into high-temperature components.

Because in that case the grease will be liquified and start to drip off. Normally the dropping point ranges between 300 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rust Prevention​

This is important when the machinery is metallic. Metal parts normally wear out by time. When it is exposed to air or water, oxidation happens. Some greases have additives that are capable of preventing corrosion and oxidation.

Normally the brands highlight this feature of the grease in their packaging. Not all the grease prevents rust as claimed by the company. So, you have to be extra careful while you are choosing a grease for your marine vehicles that are more prone to rust.

If you carefully follow the above points and then choose a grease based on this. You can easily get the best grease for ball joints. Although, not all the grease have all these characteristics mentioned here.

But you can find a grease that will offer you the most features. Some characteristics may not provide any value to your specific part. You will understand if I give you an example. If you apply your grease in a water-tight place, the water-resistance capability is not a must. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best thickener used in the grease?

Every thickener has some pros and cons. You can not grossly say what is best. For instance, the lithium complex thickeners provide better water resistance. But, the sodium complex based greases provide better stability. While the lithium-based grease lacks this feature.

Is Moly grease good for ball joints?

Molybdenum disulfide is known as Moly. Moly is a solid substance that is used as an additive in the grease. Yes, moly greases are good for any kind of joints in the chassis. Hence, moly grease works well in the ball joints.

Is lithium grease compatible with other greases?

Normally greases should not be mixed. But lithium greases are somewhat compatible with calcium greases. But it’s better not to mix greases and you should always check the compatibility before applying.

Is the color of the grease has anything to do with?

The color of the grease sometimes indicates the application of it. But that doesn’t mean you always have to use the same color grease for the same purpose. But it’s better to follow the indicator color.

For example, the red color indicates the high-temperature usage. Again, the green-colored grease may state that the grease is environment friendly.

How often should you grease your ball joints?

There is not any specific duration for this. Some people do it a couple of times in a year while some people take a longer time. I suggest you grease your ball joints whenever you are changing the oil.

What do you mean by the dropping point of the grease?

The dropping point is the temperature that grease can withstand without melting down. Sometimes you will see a grease is claiming to have a dropping point of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It means the grease will start dripping off while exceeding this temperature.

What is synthetic grease?

Synthetic grease uses synthetic chemicals as the lubricating and thickening agent. Silicone-based grease is a great example of synthetic grease.

Generally, synthetic greases are optimized for better workability. Besides, the manufacturing cost is lower than traditional petroleum-based lubricants.

What is the usage of marine grease?

Marine grease is a special purpose grease. It is made in such a way that it provides the best water resistance and rust protection. Hence, people use marine greases mainly in boats, ships, and other water vehicles.

What are the components of a grease?

Grease consists of three different components, such as oil, additives, and thickener. Additives affect the characteristics of the grease. Generally, oil is the main lubricant in grease. Thickener makes the lubricant more viscous.

Final Thoughts

Greasing the ball joints is a very crucial factor if you want to take the proper care of your car. Most people have misconceptions about choosing the right grease for ball joints. I hope this article has driven away all your confusion. Now, you should know better about lubricating and choosing the best ball joint grease.

The right grease will make your car run smoothly. But, getting the wrong grease for your car may break a very crucial component. So, select your lubricant wisely. That will pay you off in the long run.

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