How to Use Marvel Mystery Oil

We all know, marvel mystery oil makes the engine of your vehicle, more efficient, powerful, speedy, and long-lasting. But it may not be that much effective if you can use it properly. Wrong use of marvel mystery oil, is nothing but a waste of money.

You may be surprised, are there some rules to use it! Yes, there are. You have to maintain the amount, time, fuel/motor oil amount, and others. Worry not, it is very easy to use it.

In this article, I will explain, "How to use marvel mystery oil?" I will discuss it step by step. So, keep reading the article and learn the proper ways to use MMO.

Step 1: Proper Timing

It's better to maintain good timing while changing the marvel mystery oil. It is recommended to replace up to 20% of the oil with marvel mystery oil.

You can add marvel mystery oil to the oil anything you want. But better to mix when it is up to three hundred (300) miles prior to the next oil change.

Step 2: Fill up the Tank

The first thing is you have to check the fuel line and after that fill up the gas tank. Go to any gasoline station and fill up the tank. Calculating the amount of marvel mystery oil you need, depends on the fuel amount.

I suggest you fill the tank with a particular amount of fuel that is divisible by five. That will be easy to calculate the amount of marvel mystery oil.

Step 3: Calculate the Amount of Marvel Mystery Oil you Need

Now it's time to calculate how much oil you need. Generally, you need two ounces of marvel mystery oil for 5 gallons of fuel.

If there are 10 gallons of fuel then you need to pour 4 ounces of marvel mystery oil. You can check out the mystery oil bottle. There you will get the Instructions. Calculate it wisely and don't mess while pouring.

Step 4: Pour the Oil into the Tank

It's time for the main part of the task. Now pour the oil into the tank. Be careful about pouring it. Pour the oil slowly and stop while pouring it. Check out the amount of oil you are pouring. Pour the right amount of oil into the tank.

As soon as you fill the right amount stop filling. Now close the cap of the gap and your task is done.

How to Use Marvel Mystery Oil in Motor Oil?

It is a bit more complex than the past one. Here I am explaining this part.

Necessary Tools

You need some tools to use marvel mystery oils. Here is the list

  • Motor Oil
  • Marvel mystery oil
  • Socket wrench
  • Filter wrench
  • Oil filter
  • Funnel
  • Fork Oil

Now learn it step by step

Step 1: Remove the Plug 

The first step is to drain the motor oil into the engine for that you can use oil drain valve. For that, you need to remove the plug from the oil pan. You can use a socket wrench to do it. It won't take a big effort or much time.

Step 2: Remove the Oil Filter

You can do it using your hand. Just unscrew it using your hand. If you face problems then you can use a filter wrench. Loose the screw and replace the fuel filters with a new filter. Ensure a tight sealing of the filter. For that, you can put a little amount of oil on the filter gasket. 

Step 3: Tighten the Oil Pan

Now it's time to tighten the oil pan again. You can use a socket wrench in tightening it easily. I think you will need no help to loosen or tighten screws.

Step 4: Follow the Manual and Calculate the Amount of Oil

Don't pour oil just by hearing people's advice. 

Get the manual and determine how much oil it requires. If you lost the manual then you can search for it on the internet.

Step 5: Pour the Motor Oil

It is an important part. Now you have to pour oil, keeping a gap for marvel mystery oil. Most of the people asked how oil should fill and how much space should not be.

You have to keep one-quart gap from the suggestion. Suppose, the vehicle requires 5 quarts oil. So, you have to fill 4 quarts oil and keep 1 quart left for MMO.

Use a funnel to pour the motor oil. Make sure you pour the right amount of motor oil. If you overfill with motor oil then the vehicle will lack MMO (Marvel Mystery Oil).

Step 6: Pour the Marvel Mystery Oil

This is the final step of the task. Take a funnel and pour marvel mystery oil (1 quart).

Screw the oil fill cap tightly. Now you need to turn on the engine of the vehicle. Let it idle for a few minutes. Now turn off the engine.

Check out the dipstick. Make sure the oil level is sufficient. If it is low then add some oil again. Check out the oil level again.

It is done.

Tips and Warning in Using Marvel Mystery Oil

I have already described how to use marvel mystery oil. Now, I am providing some tips and warnings about it.

  • Every time you use MMO in the fuel system, it's better to fill up the gas tank with fuel before using it.

  • When you use MMO as a supplement, you need to add MMO at every oil change. 

  • Must follow the owner's manual before using it.

  • Don't mess up while pouring MMO. Make sure you don't overfill it or use less than the determined amount.

  • Motor oil is toxic and harmful for ground and water. So when you change it, do not pour them into the ground or water. You can give them to the vehicle mechanism stores. They can recycle the oil.

Difference Between Marvel Mystery Oil and Seafoam

Car lovers around all over the world are well known about both Marvel mystery oil and seafoam. Both the products are doing great with their performances to take care of any car's engine.

Many of the drivers or car users have the question if their work is the same or there is any difference between them? Apparently, marvel mystery oil and seafoam seemed to have the same qualities. But, there are some differences remaining between them.

Now, I will discuss the common qualities of both products. By going through the qualities, you yourself will be able to make the differences. 

Comparison Of Price

Seafoam and marvel mystery oil both are petroleum-based products. Seafoam is slightly more expensive than the marvel mystery oil as it provides a promising service. Whereas, the marvel mystery oil also provides a similar service within a reasonable price.

Above mentioned features clear the differences between marvel mystery oil and seafoam. Both are good at their services.


The main purpose of the article is to show you the proper way to use marvel mystery oil. I have discussed 2 different uses. Using it to fuel is very easy. But using motor oil may be a bit difficult.

I am again saying, follow the Instruction paper. Must calculate the amount of MMO correctly. Read out the steps again and pour the MMO according to the steps.

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