Wood Carving for Beginners With 8 Easy-Peasy Projects!

Through various techniques, styles, and tools, there’s a lot you can do with wood carving skills. It’s a world full of possibilities and your creativity is the only limitation here. Creating masterpieces out of wood with some tactful carving skills is one of the most satisfying hobbies out there. And if you are into this marvelous thing, welcome to eternal peace!
Let’s talk about 8 super simple projects that represent fun wood carving for beginners.

Try Making a Cool Instrument

Once you are confident enough about using common wood carving tips and tricks, apply them to make a super simple instrument. Whistles are the easiest ones to make using amateur carving skills. Maybe it’s not going to be as amazing as a violin or guitar. But still, as a first-time project whittling whistle can be a perfect thing to do.
All you need is a good-looking stick and start carving it. Making a whistle will help you get better control over your basic cutting styles too. And it’s a fantastic way to practice undoubtedly.

Sellable Pipes for Tobacco

The second project is actually a good thing to try selling in craft shops. In fact, many get their carving business started by making a good amount of this next thing. It’s nothing but a wooden tobacco pipe.
All you need is a basic whittling skill. Tobacco pipes are super simple to create. Handcrafted shops have a huge demand for selling these. So definitely go ahead and try this minimal idea.

Wooden Cooking Stuff

There’s hardly anyone living today who does not have at least one wooden spoon or ladle in their kitchen. Cooking with one never made you think about making it by yourself, right? Well, if not yet then probably you can try now.
Actually, carving spoons, forks, and chopsticks are some of the most basic wood carving projects to try. It needs your minimal skills as an amateur. These are also pretty handcrafted stuff to gift your kitchen utensil loving friend.

Pretty Animals Made of Wood

A beginner woodcarver will have this one phase where he or she devotes maximum time to creating animal figurines. It’s super popular and simple for sure. The demand for these figurines in stores is also huge. Sometimes to the point that even experienced woodcarvers make them sell. You can try cats, snails, owls, and even dog figurines out of wood through carving.
You can paint them with beautiful colors and patterns as well. This makes the outcomes super fun and also these look great as home showpieces.
Later you can also try complicated outlines such as standing shark or bass fish. Probably after you learn to master rounding tactics and detailed carving manners.

Open Letters with Style

Today hardly anyone ever sent us handwritten letters. And so, when you receive one it’s got to be a rare moment that needs some celebration and special treatment. Well, that’s the only encouragement that we can give you to try making a wooden letter opener for your next project.
You only need some basic skills regarding carving patterns and a few simple tools. Letter openers are also really pretty home decorative stuff to have if you are a fan of vintage and retro vibes.

Beautiful Wooden Ornaments

Carving animal figurines is not the only idea that comes to mind when we think about a special gift or home decor stuff. You can carve wood to make pretty ornaments and send it as a form of love to your friends. They will love it!
Also, there are wooden ornaments that you can make yourself to hang on the Christmas tree. You can try making snowmen, angels, and lots of relevant stuff out of wood through carving. And it’s one of the simplest projects to enhance skills on wood carving for beginners

A Personalized Chess

Those who are not only creative but also intelligent would love the idea of creating chess pieces. Mastering this game will take you hours of practice and patience. However, making some beautiful chess pieces for a personalized chess board won’t take all that hard work. A fair of a chunk of carving talent is your tool here.
Actually, carving chess pieces are considered relatively simple and beginner-friendly. You can use small wooden blocks to create king, pawns, and other pieces easily. Try painting them using your favorite shade. You can also add other decorative features depending on your taste to give a unique vibe.
One cool idea is trying to make vintage Viking chess pieces that you most probably have already seen at your grandparent’s place. These are quite popular within old farm sales. Try different variations of personalities to create an entire set of chess.

Figurines of Mystical Creatures

This is not related to simple game pieces making. Actually, it needs your mind wandering abilities. Give some thoughts on fictional and fantastical story creatures. How about giving those creatures life through wood whittling?
This needs your creativity skills a bit more seriously. You can make really fascinated pieces through this idea. They can be forest spirits or even gorgeous mermaids. You can even carve that imaginary fairy inside your mind into the wood to create a unique figurine.
Using sticks, branches to decorate such mystical figurines will set the forest vibe. It makes the whole set of fairies, gnomes, and more creatures fit inside your backyard design to give some outdoor decoration.

Wood Carving Kit for Beginners – Let’s Make You One with The Essentials Onboard!


Learning the basics of wood carving with a Dremel tool comes after you have mastered the rudimentary tools. And these basic tool lists include more than a few names under it. Let’s talk about those in particular below. In other words, let’s get you sorted with what basic tools you should have in your beginners carving kit.

A Quality Chisel

The first thing that you need for learning is a chisel with a detailed cutting edge through its end side. There can be multiple size variations available. Some help you to work with large wood removal and roughing.
While others are preferable for detail-oriented work. As a beginner, a large chisel should be the first one you need to practice. Then move on to the smaller size. So, get one large chisel for your beginner’s kit as the base tool.

Gouge & Knives for Spoon Carving

Spoon carving falls under the first few projects of woodcarvers usually. And so, getting some spoon carving tools is the next thing you want to do. To carve out rounds, hollows and sweeping motion go for including a gouge.
A hook knife is really comfortable for beginners to start their practice sessions with. So, you want to include this as well. A thin and sharp sloyd knife can also be a great addition to this kit. Especially if you are interested in trying sculpting that will be durable.

A Whittling Knife

Whittling is more like a professional and serious term of carving. And when you are going to be seriously passionate about carving, there will be a need of including a worthy whittling knife. It will help you master the more complex and mysterious carving process. You can choose from a wide section of size and shape when considering whittling knives.

Chip Carving Knives

Probably with more exposure to wood carving, you’ll at some point figure out that chip carving knives are one of the most versatile tools out there. The ergonomic shape makes it super simple to handle and use. You can flat wooden surfaces with these by removing tiny chips at a time.
The tiny knives easily fit inside the palm with straight or slightly bent shape usually. For letter carving, decorative patterns, and similar tasks, you are going to need one undoubtedly. So, it’ll be a nice idea to adopt the chip carving skills from your beginning phase along with straightforward carving.

Final Thoughts

And that was our ultimate guide on wood carving for beginners project ideas as well as a few basic kits designing tips. You can surely adopt the ideas into your practice and eating session for better results.
Don’t be in a rush when you are a newbie in the world of wood carving and whittling. It’s not going to be exhaustingly hard but also the path is also not just that simple.
You will need to hang on there and try your best to master those skills to become a carving expert someday. Until That, Best Wishes to You!

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