Cool Oscillating Tool Uses | Where Does it Perform Best?

An oscillating tool is a kind of multi-tool that you can use for multi-purse. Grinder, scraper, table saw sander, circular saw, etc are some of the very common power tools that you will find everywhere. You need to use those tools separately for performing the individual task. But have you ever thought how will it be if you can perform different individual tasks using a single power tool? You must be thinking how is it possible? Well! This is possible only through the use of an oscillating multi-tool because the tool usually consists of a saw, sander, grinder, and scraper in a single handy power tool. It is a specialized tool that you will easily find in most of the hardware and home improvement stores near you and you can use the tool for different intentions. In this article, I’ll let you know the uses of the oscillating tool.

Uses of Oscillating Tool

There are a lot of uses of an oscillating tool. You will definitely wonder if you come to know the uses of an oscillating tool. You may have no idea how useful this power tool is! Let’s have a look at some of the tasks that you can easily perform using an oscillating tool.

Plunge Cuts

A plunge cut is very common nowadays. We usually perform this task using a chisel. But plunge cuts using a chisel can sometimes be very dangerous. Even it is sometimes very difficult and almost impossible using a conventional power tool. But if you use a multi-tool and the perfect blade for a plunge cut, then it can be very much easy and also quite safe. I have often found this tool to be the fastest way to make different difficult cuts even while working on a harder surface like decking boards. You can cut out some holes on a decking board to create attractive under step lighting using this tool. Even you can ensure a professional finish using an oscillating tool. As the tool is lightweight and easy to control, I can claim that this tool is the perfect one for using outside and working in tight spots. So, you can buy an oscillating tool for this purpose.

Wood and Floorboards Trimming

At present, trimming is not only limited to the outdoors. Sometimes you may need to tackle a few home projects yourself. You may think of changing up trims, cutting baseboards, modifying, or replacing floors. You can perform these tasks very comfortably using an oscillating tool as you could do with a trim removal tool. Not only these tasks but also you can complete a hundred diversified woodworking projects like altering a stub wall, chopping out extra material from a wood frame, adjusting a piece of furniture, etc using this multi-tool. Before the invention of the oscillating tool, people had to face a lot of complications performing these wood trimming tasks. Even it used to require more demolition rather than construction while adding or modifying the interior partitions. But now, you can easily make a surgical cut on the floorboards or wood walls using an oscillating tool. Just use an oscillating tool for performing any of the tasks; you will definitely understand the worthiness of this multi-tool.

Trimming Screws and Pipes

An oscillating multi-tool can often be one of the best friends of a laborer or plumber. Yes, you read it right. The reason behind this is that you can slice hard plastics, even copper, and sometimes galvanized metal piping very easily using an oscillating tool. Just you need to make sure that the accessory blade fits the multi-tool. Moreover, if you find some extra screws on the walls or doors or any other places that seem to be dangerous and if you are thinking of cutting the extra screws, you can use an oscillating multi-tool. Being portable and compact in nature, an oscillating tool can simply navigate the tight spaces and awkward angles. For that reason, you can even trim the pipes and screws located inside the cabinets. You may also get easy access to some hard ton to reach places like the backside of the wall, ceiling, under floors, and many other places like these without any complexities to perform pipe and screw trimming.

Undercut Doorjambs

Sometimes there may create a situation when you may feel the essence of installing new flooring in an existing space. You may need to do this for various reasons. To install new flooring in an existing space, first of all, you have to cut the doorjamb to make some room for the floor to install. Then you should trim the doorjamb. Many people use a flush-cutting circular saw to perform this task. But the saw is very much expensive and also very dangerous to use. There are also some people who prefer to hire labor and perform work by hand. But it will take a lot of time to do so. Considering the price and the wastage of time, an oscillating tool can be the perfect one to use for cutting doorjambs, because this will not only save your money but also will save you time. I guarantee that you will enjoy performing your task using this tool.

Flush Cuts

When you will buy an oscillating tool, you will find a place on the top of the tool where you will have to set some blades and secure them properly to perform different types of cuts. Some companies will provide the blades with the tool. Some oscillating tool blades have an offset shape. You can use those blades along with the oscillating tool for flush cutting also. The offset shape of those blades makes the flush cuts very easy. You can also cut copper tubes. Even some bimetal blades will surely allow you to cut steel tubes also. And the amazing part is that you can perform the flush cutting without creating any kind of disturbance to the surroundings. If you are planning to have flush cuts, then just go for an oscillating multi-tool without thinking twice to buy it.

Cutting Out Openings in Drywalls

You can never find any other better alternative than an oscillating multi-tool for cutting out the drywall. This is the simplest and most effective way to cut out the openings. You may fall into confusion to believe my words, but I can make sure that those words are really true and you can believe those words. You can surely have the perfect square cut using this tool. In fact, it will provide an accurate shape. To cut out openings, just mark a proper outline on the surface of the wall. And then use the metal plunge cut blade in order to shred straight through the surface. This is the simplest way to install power outlets, light fittings, switches, etc. You can even use this tool to remove some damaged patches from the fry walls. Moreover, you can not only use this tool for cutting out openings on the drywall but also you can use the tool on the ceiling also. Using this tool for cutting out openings, you will have nominal trouble as compared to the other ways. 

Removing Rust from Metals

Rust is very common in the case of metal tools. Unfortunately, you may need to think of throwing the rusty tools away. But you don’t need to do so. You can easily use those tools again after removing the rust. Using a fine sanding pad as an accessory with an oscillating tool will allow you to remove rust from metals and keep them clean and ready to use again. And there is no doubt that it can help you to clean rust from nearly all mistreated metalwork. As an instance, you may have some old garden tools to use for performing different tasks inside the garden. If you find any kind of rusty, then just use a sanding pad secured with the oscillating multi-tool and clean rust from the old tools by gently rubbing the pad on the rust. This will allow the tools to get back to their former looks. To ensure a professional-looking finish, just make sure that you take the base of the rust off before repainting them. 

Grout Removal

If you feel the essence of cutting out the grout and replace it in any area of your house, then you can use an oscillating tool for that work. Though there are some tools and accessories as well designed specifically to remove grout, still a multi-tool is the best one for removing grout. The reason for this statement is that you may find an angle grinder very much expensive, whereas an oscillating tool is not expensive at all. You can buy a grit grout-removal blade to cut the grout out from the joints between floor tiles and walls. The grout-removal blade moves both forward and backward rather than continuously spinning like a grinder. For that reason, you will hardly find dust spread inside the room. You can even cut the tiles along with grout using the blade. There is a variety of thicknesses of the blades. Make sure to pick up the one suitable for your grout joints. 

Scraping Sticky Materials

The presence of strong vinyl and mastics material on the floor can be like a nightmare to you. You may become exhausted cleaning those sticky materials following traditional ways. You may have no idea how to get rid of this problem and remove them quickly. I guarantee that there is not a single power tool in your toolbox than an oscillating tool perfect for scraping the sticky materials. For performing that task, you only need to secure a steel scrapping attachment with the tool and then simply slip the steel blade under the sticky material and then remove them by scraping and pulling them out. There are a variety of blades available for attaching with an oscillating tool. Make sure that you pick up the right steel blade for scraping sticky materials.

Cabinet Installation and Modification

Do you like to modify your house randomly? If so, then you must be in need to install cabinets or modify them to place a new dishwasher or a sink. For the installation or modification, you will have to cut slots, notches, squares etc. For this activity, you can use an oscillating tool which will ensure the perfect cut within a few minutes. You must be glad to see the result. As oscillating tool has the feature of perfect setup with a saw blade, it simplifies the cut and brings up a perfect finish.

Window Repairs

Repairing window may sometimes turn into a must doing the task for some specific reasons. As an old window can’t perform well, you may feel the essence of changing the appearance of the window, improving the function of the window, ensuring the proper ventilation through the window, etc. This repair will require cutting slots, removing the layers of old paints, and sanding. You can do all the things using the multi-tools attachments such as sanding pad, saw blade, grinder, etc. Using an oscillating tool for doing all these will make sure that you don’t have to worry about buying different tools for doing different activities. It will save you money and time also.

Remove Old Paint

Scraping paint from a decayed and old window sill or from a seedy wall is one of the most common tasks you can easily perform using an oscillating tool. You can also apply this on vintage furniture. Though people sometimes use chisel and hammer to remove the old paints, this may turn into very dangerous activity and also generate a lot of dust around the working space. Besides that, it will take a lot of time to complete the task which will kill your valuable time. You must use a handy oscillating tool for having all the advantage at a time.

Sanding Jobs

Unusual sanding jobs can be easily performed using an oscillating multi-tool. Sanding of wood-made materials is an integral operation performed by the tool. Doors, windows, furniture, shutters have some narrow edges. It is very difficult to smooth those edges using an orbital sander or a traditional palm sander. But you can find an easy way to do this work attaching a triangular sanding pad with the multi-tool. The combination of these two turns out to be perfect for smoothing wood surfaces.

So, these were some of the major uses of an oscillating tool. Besides these you can also use the multi-tool for performing many other tasks like baseboard cutting, drywall out cuts, caulk removal, thin set removal, thin plank flooring installation, removing mortar, etc. having this tool in your toolbox will make you feel totally relieved and let you perform a set of tasks using a single tool.  As far as I observed, an oscillating multi-tool is the one that must get a place in your toolbox. If you still don’t have that tool in your toolbox, then buy this tool immediately and you will be very much happy and also wonder how you stayed without having this tool.

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