12 Best Valve Cover Gasket Reviews & Buying Guide in 2020

Oil leaking is like a curse for your car. You can prevent that by fitting in the best valve cover gasket for your car's valve. Valve cover gaskets are made to seal the oil flow of all the components of your car. It covers the cylinder head and stops any kind of dust from entering along with oil leak prevention.

Finding out the ideal valve cover gasket choice is not so tough if you know what you want. But the variety of models in the market might confuse you. 

So, here we have researched and found out the perfect choices for you to buy as your car valve cover gasket. You don’t need to worry anymore since we have also observed what they are made of and how they are going to be working if you use them for a long time. 

Our Top Choice

With the most amazing oil leak sealing, Fel-Pro VS 50504 Valve Cover Gasket is our top choice to recommend. We can assure you that there is no better choice than this one in its price range. It is also very much easy to install as it is reusable and long time durable. You can definitely go for this one if you want a long hassle-free time of selecting a new gasket. 

Our Budget Choice

GOHAWKTEQ G10504VG Valve Cover Gasket Set would be our best budget choice. This gasket has all the premium grade materials and amusing reliability just like other costly valve cover gaskets. This rubber gasket can seal oil leaks for a long time without any faults. If your budget is limited then our suggestion would be to go for this one without any hesitation.

Fel-Pro VS 50504 R-1 Valve Cover Gasket...
Fel-Pro VS13264T Valve Cover Gasket Set
Compatible with SB CHEVY 283 305 327 350...
Fel-Pro 1628 Valve Cover Gasket Set
Fel-Pro VS 50088 R Valve Cover Gasket...
Fel-Pro VS 50504 R-1 Valve Cover Gasket Set
Fel-Pro VS13264T Valve Cover Gasket Set
Vincos Rubber Valve Cover Gasket 7484BOX
Fel-Pro 1628 Valve Cover Gasket Set
Fel-Pro VS 50088 R Gasket
298 Reviews
152 Reviews
154 Reviews
84 Reviews
67 Reviews
Fel-Pro VS 50504 R-1 Valve Cover Gasket...
Fel-Pro VS 50504 R-1 Valve Cover Gasket Set
298 Reviews
Fel-Pro VS13264T Valve Cover Gasket Set
Fel-Pro VS13264T Valve Cover Gasket Set
152 Reviews
Compatible with SB CHEVY 283 305 327 350...
Vincos Rubber Valve Cover Gasket 7484BOX
154 Reviews
Fel-Pro 1628 Valve Cover Gasket Set
Fel-Pro 1628 Valve Cover Gasket Set
84 Reviews
Fel-Pro VS 50088 R Valve Cover Gasket...
Fel-Pro VS 50088 R Gasket
67 Reviews

Here are our top picks as the best gasket sealant for the valve cover. We have enlisted them according to their specifications and prices along with all the necessary information about them so that you don't have to run anywhere else for any more guidance.

1. Fel-Pro VS 50504 R-1 Valve Cover Gasket Set

Fel-pro is our first choice as the ultimate choice for valve cover gasket with all the necessary equipment needed. This gasket ensures the best sealing for sealing the valves.

You may still be worried about how much leak it is gonna prevent since it is very thin. But let me clarify to you that we have put this one as our top choice since it would be the best gasket sealant for valve cover with its perfect fit sealing.

If you are looking for the perfect fit then Fel-pro vs 50504 is the ideal deal we would recommend. We are not just saying that because of its worth for money and user experiences but because it is also for people who recommend using cork gaskets.

There is a great benefit of using a cork gasket which is its reusability. You can use the same additional cork type gasket many times which makes saves a lot of money and effort.

Though it can perform in an amusing way to prevent oil leaking, your concern is still underestimated since most of the cork gaskets are not so good at preventing oil leak since they do not fit in well. Even though a cork gasket is hard to adjust but, we can assure you the easiest installation with this one.


  • Incredibly oil leak-resistant
  • One of the best cork sealing technology
  • Very easy installation process
  • Guaranteed oil leaking prevention
  • Reusable quality sealing for long term
  • High-quality materials and corks used


  • Might fail to prevent leak if you put excessive pressure

2. Fel-Pro VS13264T Valve Cover Gasket Set

Fel-pro is the real pro level cover gasket for valve brand in our opinion so we have selected this Fel-pro's another model as our 2nd recommendation. This would be the best choice if you are looking for something at a reasonable price.

It is a very thick silicone gasket. You won't expect so much in a cheap gasket but it is a very thick one that you could probably find in this range.

Your concern about oil leaking is at high risk if you are getting a cheap quality gasket but that does not count for every cheaply rated gasket. This gasket is cheap at cost only but not in its built-in quality or materials.

It is built with one of the finest gasket materials which are silicon. Silicon gaskets are also the most satisfying choice for oil-leak. Such a thick silicon gasket makes it perfect since silicon is the best valve cover gasket material.

If you have chosen a perfect fit for your valve then this gasket stays in place without any negative occurrences. It will stay in place flawlessly with no issues of loose fit even after long use. Molded rubber-type gaskets are the best and desired gaskets among all since it is amazing in preventing any kind of leakage.

It promises to prevent leakage even for small dirt. Anyone who uses rubber gaskets once mostly never changes their minds for other gaskets.


  • Molded rubber-type gasket
  • Highly structured and impressive built-in quality
  • Silicon gasket ensuring heavy oil and dirt leakage preventing
  • Stays as adjusted flawlessly
  • Very much worth its value


  • It has a very weak surface that squeezes in a little extra pressure

3. Vincos Rubber Valve Cover Gasket 7484BOX

Vincos is also a highly praised manufacturing industry for producing the best sbc valve cover gasket. It has all you are looking for at a very cheap price. These gaskets are specially used for chevy type vehicles. You can rely on its long lastingness with its highly durable structure.

It can withstand heavy pressure even at a very high temperature without any major problems. So does it cover the valve with perfection at low temperatures?

The premium quality materials used in this gasket are highly praised for its flawless and balanced leak prevention. It doesn't just stop in preventing oil leaks but it also prevents any type of dirt and dust from entering your valve. One of the main advantages of these premium materials is that these gaskets are reusable which is a big deal maker in its competition.

This multilayer steel gasket comes in two colors (black & blue). Carbon rubber corks of this gasket make it very smooth to adjust and fit in to defend leakage. This rubber with strong steel insert produces the best sealant for valve cover gasket. Besides, it has a very thick dimension of steel and rubber which makes it perfect for preventing leakage.

Its thickness is more than what you would ask for in this budget. There are metal supports in between the rubber for more durability and sealant. Make sure to not over tighten or keep it loose to avoid any malfunction.


  • Prevents oil leak flawlessly
  • Usable in any temperature
  • No requirement of bending
  • Premium materials built-in quality and reusable
  • Stylish and colorful outlook
  • Reasonably cheap price


  • Does not work properly even in a little over-tightening

4. Fel-Pro 1628 Valve Cover Gasket Set

This one is another masterpiece of engineering by Fel-pro manufacturers. Though it is a little pricier than other gaskets with these features it promises long lastingness and refined reusability like no others.

It seals the valve 100% accurately and is amazingly very easy to install because it's made of rubber and cork. I have personally been fond of using cork and rubber gaskets since they produce more accuracy in preventing leakage.

Now if you talk about fitting it with perfection then it is just a regular installation because this rubber gasket adjusts very easily with any of its matching valves. There is no other best option in my opinion than a steel and rubber in-between touched gasket since steel would last for a long time.

Rubbers will make it flexible when adjusting and when you adjust it properly, this rubber astonishingly fits in and it would be very hard to misplace it. 

Preventing leaking oil is a very easy term when it comes to Fel-pro but this one is used for heavy-duty car valves, so it must have long durability and reusability. Even though it is not as thick as others but is built with solid steel and silicone which makes it long term usable.

You can use it a lot of times since it also prevents any dirt or any particles from entering the valves. Another important part is that it does not have any sealant even though it still works the same but some people would still go for sealants for optimum valve sealing.


  • Rubber & stainless steel formed gaske
  • Stays adjusted for long term oil leakage prevention
  • Rubber corks fit in very easily
  • Seals oil leakage and prevents other dirt from entering the valve
  • Very easy to install and reusable for a long time


  • Doesn’t come with any sealant
  • Very thin steel frame

5. Fel-Pro VS 50088 R Gasket

If you want that 100% accuracy of sealing from your gasket then nothing can be compared with this. This rubber gasket is the ultimate choice in my opinion if you want a proper seal and prevent oil leakage.

We buy valve cover gasket prioritizing to prevent oil leakage right? Then there is nothing else you should try if only sealing is what you want.

After oil leakage, the second thing you may look for is reusability. This valve cover gasket is rubber constructed and which is long and durable.

Rubber valve cover gaskets are made that way to be reused, so this makes it another worthy valve cover gasket as it is amazing in all spheres.

The reasonable price, complete oil leak preventing seal, and reusability makes this product so much cherished.

Rubber formed gaskets are also amazing when it comes to adjusting them in place. You can place them over the valve with a sealing layer so easily that you can do that all by yourself.

The only problem you might face is squeezing the seal as it is very soft and has a tendency of getting squeezed. Though placing them in the right place to completely seal the oil leakage is not that hard as you can easily do it by yourself.


  • Amusing oil sealing technology
  • Very easily adjustable and installation process
  • Ideal silicon rubber formed gasket
  • Amazing reusability and long term usable
  • Stay in an adjusted position for a long duration


  • A hard tightening process may cause damage to sealing

6. Fel-Pro VS 50419 R Valve Cover Gasket Set

Fel-pro offers this valve cover gasket as the best valve cover gasket for small block chevy. It comes with a perfect fit for many valves. You can use it in v8 engines along with some trucks.

Many of its users claimed that they have not found any oil leak even after a few months of use. You can rely on this valve cover gasket for a long time if oil leakage is your only problem.

Another impression key of this valve cover gasket is its thickness. It is 0.4 inches thick which is amazing for a gasket and its oil leakage sealing. It is made with molded rubber which makes it's sealing even more durable and worthy for long time use.

If you want to change your stock valve cover gasket with a new one then you can blindly go for this one since it fits very easily and comfortably in both old and new valves.

The last thing you can think about before buying your valve gasket cover is its durability and reusability. Then let me clear the fact that rubber valve cover gaskets are the best option if you want reusability. You can also fit them in their places very easily where they will be stable for a long time if you don't put any excessive pressure. If you want to buy a valve cover gasket at a reasonable price then this is an ideal choice to make.


  • Best sealing for small block engines
  • Reasonable price & compatible with v8 engines
  • Long term durability and reusability assured
  • Rubber molded gasket & easy installation
  • Stays in place for a long time


  • Leaking problem may still occur if not installed carefully

7. GOHAWKTEQ Valve Cover Gasket Set G10504VG

GOHAWKTEQ is a quality manufacturer for valve cover gaskets since they do promise at least a year of hassle-free durability in this gasket. A valve cover gasket that fits a huge variety of cars and performs amazingly to prevent oil leakage.

It is also one of the best 7.3 valve cover gaskets available in the market. Even though GOHAWKTEQ company is not that much appreciated because of their other models and their oil leak sealing failures, this model tears them all apart and stands still with its amazingly thick gasket.

A 1.97 inches thick gasket is extremely powerful to seal any gaps and avoid oil leakage. A rubber valve cover gasket like this can also prevent any kind of dust from entering your engine. So, if you are fond of keeping your engine clean and tidy then this is the best deal for you.

The only problem you are going to face with this gasket is its fitting method. It will be very hard for you to install this gasket if you have never adjusted one before. 

A rubber gasket like this must be softly and calmly placed when adjusting. However, the long term durability and reusability of this gasket is amazing. It does fit a lot of models and the only thing it needs is a fine quality adjustment. You have to adjust it in the perfect motion instead of tightening it too tight or too loose.


  • Long term durability is guaranteed
  • Reusability assured with this rubber valve gasket cover
  • Fits in perfectly & easily adjustable
  • The amazing thickness and accurate sealing for oil leakage
  • Very much affordable and reasonable price


  • Very hard installation process

8. Fel-Pro VS50608R Valve Cover Gasket Set

Some people are fond of cork valve cover gaskets since these gaskets are the most effective ones if your only concern is sealing the oil leakage.

This model of Fel-pro is one of the top level valve cover gaskets if you are looking for cork gasket. 0.9 inches thickness of this gasket is more than enough if you are talking about a cork gasket. These types of gaskets are specially made for only sealing oil leakage.

One of the main terms of users for gasket would be long time durability which can be amazingly reliable on this valve cover gasket. It is made with premium quality steel and highly qualified other materials that offer astonishing long lastingness. Good quality cork type valve cover gaskets are usually hard to find at a cheap price but this gasket can make the deal possible at a very reasonable price, unlike others.

Even though its durability withstands heavy performance but cork gaskets are not meant to have reusability. You can be despondent but it is a reality that cork type gaskets do seal oil leakage 100% accurately but they can not be re-used. You may go for it if you like cork type gaskets and if you are willing to change your gasket repeatedly in the future after long use.


  • Cork valve cover gasket
  • Ensures 100% accuracy in sealing oil leakage
  • Easy to fit and adjust
  • High-quality materials and built-in quality
  • Impressively thick valve cover


  • Can not be re-used

9. Fel-Pro 1635 Valve Cover Gasket Set

Fel-pro does this work properly in sealing oil leaks but they do not stop there. They came out with many models and among them, this model is another great deal that is perfect in its price.

We found out that it has the finest user reviews, unlike other models as it was claimed to be used for over 10 years with an accuracy of preventing oil leakage.

Stainless steel valve cover gasket like this is strong and durable for long term use. It can also withstand high temperatures without any problems. If you want a valve cover gasket for your old model car then this is the best one.

You can use it dry without any kind of sealing needed. It prevents oil leaks very effectively for a long time since it was previously used for heavy racing cars a decade ago. The installation process is also very much easy.

Silicone rubber molded valve cover gaskets are the perfect choice since they are meant for long term use. This term is even more reliable as this has a stainless steel body core strength attached.

The high tech silicone used in this gasket is specially made for long life use. Rubber valve cover gaskets are also re-usable, so you won't have to worry anymore if you want to buy this.


  • Rubber molded gaskets are easy to install
  • Stainless steel increases its durability
  • Stays in adjusted place for a long time
  • This rubber type gasket is reusable
  • Strong enough for off-road cars


  • Does not fit in all type of motor valves
  • Easily Break-able if you squeeze

10. LIMICAR Rubber Valve Cover Gasket Set

LIMICAR is one of the biggest and reliable car part manufacturers in the world. This model of valve gasket cover from them also is compatible to be on our top list. It competes for head to head against the other models in our list with its multi-layered steel gasket.

These stainless steels are for incredible strength and durability that is meant for long time use. Steel layered valve gasket cover is amazingly combined with rubber for immersed fitness among the valve gasket cover and the cylinder valve.

The only problem you might face is that it needs to be installed by professionals since it is very hard to assemble. You can most just fit it in just like that otherwise it might not work as expected in sealing. But when you do install it perfectly, it becomes one of the most amazing fits for your motor valve and seals oil leak like a professional.

This rubber type gasket is also re-usable and it fits in perfectly since it is made with silicone. It can withstand heavy temperature and high pressure in very hard atmospheres with the perfection of sealing. It will also keep your cylinder valves clean as it also prevents dirt.

You can consider this product since it is low priced. You may also feel concerned about it because of not being thick enough but it still does work perfectly in sealing.


  • High-quality silicone used for resistance and easy fitting compatibility
  • Can withstand high temperatures and odd environments
  • Fluorocarbon rubbers make its reusability even more impressive
  • Easy to adjust and stays fit for a long time
  • Very much worth its price


  • Strictly needs to be installed by professionals
  • Not as thick as other valve cover gaskets

11. LIMICAR SBC Steel Core Rubber Valve Cover Gaskets

Limicar SBC steel core rubber valve cover gasket is one of the flexible valve cover gaskets for small block chevy. It fits almost all of the small block engines and works perfectly for sealing oil leakage.

It is very much ready for installation that makes its installation so much easier. You have to just put the gasket in place and tighten the bolts. This gasket prevents any kind of liquid and air pressure from leaking. These cylinder head gasket covers can withstand heavy pressure and high temperature without any hesitation.

The stainless steel core rigid body frame is very durable and it can work for a long duration without any problems. Mostly these types of gaskets should work for at least a few years. Whereas, this silicon rubber molded gasket with steel core makes it very much smooth to install and adjust. After adjusting it stays in place properly for a long time even after forcing with a good amount of pressure.

It is very easy to install and almost ready to install package but you should install it with expert help from professionals as small block engines are tough to seal. Also, the thickness of this gasket is not as much as expected so this might also come to the breaking point in case of harshly installing.


  • Perfect for sealing small block engines
  • Ready to install packaging
  • Rubber molded and steel cored frame which is highly durable
  • Can withstand high temperatures very easily


  • Complex installation process

12. Fel-Pro VS 50265 C Valve Cover Gasket Set

If you want a cork valve cover gasket then no other gasket can perform as well as this does when it comes to sealing oil leaks. You will never see any leaks if you install it perfectly.

It has great built-in quality with premium-grade materials. The amazing quality seal will not stop there but it keeps on impressing its users more as days pass by still being enough capable seal and preventing a leak.

If you are looking for a replacement for your stock cork gaskets and you want to still go for a cork valve cover gasket then this is probably the best idea to use. The installation process is also very easy in this gasket as it perfectly fits any stock cork valve cover gasket. The only thing that is hard in the installation process is tightening it to the perfect position which can be easily guided.

Usually, cork valve cover gaskets are amazing when it comes to sealing oil leaks but most of them are not reusable. But this one has a big difference which makes it far better than others. Yes, you are guessing it right!

It can mesmerize its users since it has amazing reusability, unlike other cork valve cover gaskets. You can rely on its construction materials and you will easily realize that cork gaskets can work better than rubber gaskets just by using it for a few months.


  • Reusability is still available despite being cork gasket
  • Premium built-in quality for long term use
  • Very easy installation process
  • Stays fit in place for a long time
  • Can be replaced with stock gaskets


  • Must be adjusted softly as it might start leaking if you adjust harshly

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Valve Cover Gasket - Buying Guide 

Valve cover gaskets are a very rare thing you need to buy so you don't have enough knowledge about which one to buy. You must know which one is the best and what you want in your gasket but there are different types of gaskets and all of them have their different features. So let clear out all types of gaskets in front of you along with what they should be good for.

Preventing Oil Leak & Dirt Cover

Oil leaking is the main reason for you to use a valve cover gasket. Your gasket must be tough and sealant to cover your valves nozzles. If they do not perform well enough in sealing your valve then oil would still leak and it would be a waste.

Make sure that your valve cover gasket is preventing dirt from entering the valve and this way you can also be assured that this valve cover gasket is also preventing oil leakage. Keep in mind that it might malfunction if you over tighten it

Durability & Reusability 

It will be very hard and harmful for your valve if you keep on changing your valve cover gaskets. You must go for the reusable products that promise long lastingness. This way you are going to save a lot of money and you won't need to look for new valve cover gaskets in a long time.

A solid and stainless steel valve cover gasket meets these requirements so we would prefer steel gaskets. Reusability and durability are also hampered if you do not adjust & fit them in properly. A gasket should be strong and durable enough to withstand little forces and impacts along with squeezing.

Easy To Install

The installation process must be easy so that you can install it on your own. Good quality and reusable valve cover gasket might need cleaning and re-installing but if you go to a mechanic for these small works and pay a few dollars then it is a waste because most of these valve cover gaskets are easy to assemble and install. Especially, silicon gaskets are the easiest ones to install in your valve.

Value For Money

Long term durability and high-quality materials do not mean that the valve cover gasket you like should be overpriced. All of these valve gasket covers are equally priced within the same range even if they are highly qualified or not. You just need to compare them and find the ideal one that has all the compatibility and premium built-in quality.

Types Of Valve Cover Gaskets

There are different types of valve cover gaskets according to the materials used to manufacture them. Silicon rubber valve covers, cork valve covers, and many other varieties but they all have their differences when it comes to performance. So you must know what they work like and if they cherish your desires before buying the perfect valve cover gasket.

Silicon Rubber Valve Cover Gaskets

Silicon rubber valve cover gaskets are the most used valve cover gaskets. This type of gaskets is smooth in adjustment and re-installation. They can be re-used and highly durable for long term use. It is mostly used in classic and old cars since it fits well. You can keep using it if this is the packaged gasket of your car as you should not change your gasket type for better performance.

Cork Valve Cover Gaskets

Cork valve covers produce the strongest sealing for your valves and prevent oil leakage perfectly unlike any other valve cover gaskets. These valve cover gaskets are the perfect choice for sealing but they can't be reused. Another problem is that it needs to be installed professionally because the bolts must be tightened to proper force.

Other Valve Cover Gaskets

There are many other valve cover gaskets & among them, laminated cork type valve cover gasket, rubber-coated fiber valve cover gasket & the modern composite gasket is mostly used and reliable. They are hybrid type gaskets with a mixture of steel in both sides of the cork of laminated cork gaskets. Rubber coated fiber gasket is built with revamped silicon. Composite gaskets are the best for durability and performance since they are built with modern technologies and upgraded materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When Should I Replace My Valve Cover Gasket?

Ans:  It's not very hard to understand when you need to replace your gasket as the main reason will be oil leaking. You will see too much oil consumption and leaking. You may also find the smell of burning oil and see dirt inside your valve which clears that oil is leaking and the gasket is hampered.

Q. Is Sealant Very Much Necessary For My Valve Cover Gasket?

Ans: Sealant is a very important part since it completely seals your valve cover gasket and reduces even minor chances of oil leakage. But it can be outlooked in some of Fel-pro's valve cover gaskets which are cork silicon rubber gaskets. They still work the same even without sealant.

Q. Should I Go For Cork Valve cover gasket Or Silicon Rubber Valve Cover gasket?

Ans: Cork valve covers are the most accurate one for preventing oil leakage but we would recommend you to go for silicon rubber valve cover gaskets. Silicon rubber gaskets have reusability and save a lot of money where you can also fit them in place easily. But cork gaskets are hard to adjust without proper experience and they are not reusable. 

Q. How Much Will It Cost To Replace My Valve Cover Gasket?

Ans:  From buying to adjusting the new valve cover gasket, the highest spending total would be around $50-$200. This cost depends on what type of valve cover gasket you are purchasing and your car model. Latest model cars and their composite valve cover gaskets will cost more than classic cars and their silicone rubber valve cover gaskets. 

Q. Which Is The Best Valve Cover Gasket Brand?

Ans: I would choose Fel-pro as the best manufacturer of valve cover gaskets since they have a variety of gaskets at different prices and different cars. They promise impressive performance in each of their gaskets from corks to silicone rubbers.

Final Words 

Now that you know everything about valve cover gaskets, it won't be hard for you to choose the best valve cover gasket for your car and prevent oil leakage right away. We have shown you all of the best products along with their specs. So, you must have made your choice about which one you are buying after researching so much. Compare the ones you want along with your budget and go for the ideal one. Best of luck.

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